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College Gaps

Welcome to the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 gaps guide. All gaps found and recorded by Sulig.

College Gaps

Gaps List

  • Plaza Jump!
  • Kiosk Hop!
  • Log Hop!
  • Rail Cross
  • Rail Hop!
  • Bachelors in Engineering Grind
  • Bachelors in Fine Arts Grind
  • Banner Gap
  • Bench to Bench!
  • Class Transfer
  • Coliseum Transfer
  • Gateway gap!
  • Grind hop to the fence
  • High Road Hop
  • Higher Learnin
  • Into the River
  • Nice Equipment
  • Off the lil kicker
  • Over the Stairs
  • Schnitzels for all!
  • Skippin' over
  • Through the Frat Window Grinding
  • Through the Frat Window Manualing
  • Through the Frat Window Olling
  • Bachelors in Engineering Lip
  • Bachelors in Fine Arts Lip
  • Masters in Engineering Grind
  • Masters in English Grind
  • Masters in Fine Arts Grind
  • Masters in Philosophy Grind
  • On the Fence!
  • Out of the River
  • Masters in Engineering Lip
  • Masters in English Lip
  • Masters in Fine Arts Lip
  • Masters in Philosophy Lip
  • Traffic Light Grind
  • Clock tower Grind
  • Over the River
  • Tony's Pro Challenge Gap

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