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Zoo Goals

80000 Point High Score

Get A High Score: 80,000 Points

Wrap this up in one easy combo. See the tips page for.... er... tips.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect The SKATE Letters

Hop the fence in front of you for the S. Keep going forward, cross the water using the wet bridge and head into the area with the brown pools. Spine Transfer from the first pool into the next one, the K is hovering above the back end. Point a little to the left when you land and get out of the pools. You'll see two hippos in the water with the A floating above them. Ollie for the A, the hippos will give you a boost and get you over the water. Turn a little bit right and head up to the monkey cages area. The T is floating on the right hand wall just before you get in there, near a little booth. Wallride to reach it. Use one of the quarter-pipes on the outer wall to launch right and grind, hop onto the cage roof. Ride it around to the edge and you'll see the E in the air, ollie to get it.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect The COMBO Letters

Roll forward and use the quarter-pipe on the central cage to launch up and get the C. Land in a Revert to a Manual. From here grind the low rail around the outside of the room making sure to hop the gaps.

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Trick over the Mascot

Hardflip And Heelflip Over Kenny

Kenny is the mascot, he's dressed up as a bear. Ollie and do a Hardflip over his head. He'll turn and start running into the zoo. Get after him and this time do a Heelflip overhead.

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Do the Tricks

Nail The Tricks They Yell Out

The birds wanna see some tricks. There will be quite a few lip tricks added into the mix, be sure you're heading up straight for these or you'll end up grinding all over.

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Help the Lion Tamer

Help The Lion Tamer Escape

The Lion tamer needs help getting out, as you can see in the screenshot. Go back and forth between the quarter-pipes doing vert tricks, you need a 50,000 point combo.

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Beat Bob Burnquist

Beat Bob's 3 Best Combos

Bob's got 3 combos for you to beat, if you do a duff one you fail the goal. You'll start the 2nd and 3rd combos with your special meter full, make use of this with some special grinds. Start the third combo by grinding on the high wire since there's only flat ground beneath you. If you run out of speed and your score isn't enough bust out some flatland tricks.

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Keep the Monkey in

Stop The Monkey From Escaping

Monkey on the loose! The 2 guards at the exits need warning. Follow the red arrow to the guard up near the lion's cage. Then follow it back down to where you first enter the level at the gates. Use grinds to speed things up and don't bail.

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Feed the Hippos

Feed The Hippos

4 pumpkins are laid out around the edge of the water, you have to knock them in for the hippos to eat. Jump into a grind on the fence at your left hand side, just as it bends ollie and grind the logs on the grass. Grind the log down the other side and get into another grind on the wall. Ride it around then grind the wooden fence, hop the entrance when it comes and grind the fence a little more for the last pumpkin.

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Elephant Skitching

Skitch The Elephant

Drop in at the start and ollie forward onto the island. Skitch on the back of the elephant like you would with any vehicle and hang on for 30 seconds. It gets pretty tough to hold on towards the end, especially when you're laughing from all the elephant crap tumbling out of its ass.

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Gain Access

Get into the Aquarium

This isn't a goal as such but you need to do it to start the penguin goal. Get up onto the roof of the snack hut near Nelly the elephant, jump from the roof into a grind on her back.

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Catch the Penguins

Catch The 5 Runaway Penguins

You get this in the Aquarium, if you don't have access to it read the previous goal. There are 5 penguins waddling loose in the level, you just need to pick them up. The first two are here in the aquarium on the right side of the building as you start, one at the top of the slope and one below. As you leave the squarium make a sharp left, the next penguin is here after the benches. The next is on the main bridge in the middle of the level. The last one is near the entrance to the bird sanctuary.

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Pro Score

Get A Pro Score: 200,000 Points

Score the 200,000 points within 2 minutes. You start out on the snack bar roof, but this makes no difference. This can still be done in one combo if you've got the 'skillz'. If you're no good at scoring points read the tips page.

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Medal The Competition

Standard vert competition, go back and forth on the half-pipe doing vert tricks. Include some special tricks like McTwist and Kickflip Underflip etc. Of course each time you land keep your combo going by doing a Revert into a Manual.

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Grind Banners

Grind The 4 Zoo Banners

You can see 3 of the banners from where you start the goal, grind back and forth between the buildings until you've done them. The final banner is there too but it's lower down the building, ollie at an angle from the roof to get onto it.

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Recapture Lions

Lure The Lions Back To The Cage

The lions are out, you need to lead them back to their cage. Both lions are at the entrance to the Aquarium so get down there. Approach carefully and turn quickly when you get near. With luck they'll chase you but you won't get mauled. You'll know you're being chased by the bobbing lion shape at the bottom of the screen. Don't pull any grinds or anything just ride normally, follow a clear path so the lion can chase you without getting stuck on anything. Do the same thing again for the second lion and the goal is done.

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Sit-Down Air

Do A Sit Down Air Over The Lions Cage

In the lions cage there's a little roof in between the quarter-pipes. You need to transfer from a quarter-pipe onto this roof then use the kicker to launch over the fence. Do a Sit Down Air before you hit the ground on the other side. It's a special trick so fill up your meter before trying it.

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Zoo Pro Goals

Bob Burnquist's Goal

Bob Burnquist (Pro Specific Challenge)

Step 1: Starts off simple, head up the loop, hop the gap and do a trick. First a Kickflip, a Cannonball then an Airwalk.

Step 2: The gap widens a little, so put more angle into your jumps. The tricks this time are a Wrap Around, a Hardflip and a Varial Heelflip.

Step 3: Now do a Method, a Samba Flip and a Sit-Down Air. The second two are special tricks so get your bar full. The timing of the Samba Flip is tight so it may take a lot of attempts, try to go from one edge of the ramp to the other for more air time.

Step 1 Video (596Kb)
Step 2 Video (890Kb)
Step 3 Video (607Kb)

Pro C-O-M-B-O

Pro COMBO Letters

Grind the roof on your left for the C, get onto the next roof and grind to get the O. Follow the wire down and jump down onto the bridge. Swerve right and grind the handrail down for the M. Manual in a straight line up toward the little hut, use the quarter-pipe to get up onto its roof (hold Up while you ollie). Ride across the roof for the B and grind the right hand pole off the roof. Hop to the right and grind the intersecting wall of the Lion's den. Jump right again onto the little roof where the last O is waiting on a quarter-pipe.

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Air Elephant Rock

Transfer Over Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock is the thing with the tunnel in it, go back and forth on the half-pipe to build up your special meter. When the meter's full approach at a sharp angle and air over to land on the other side.

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Recapture Kong

Get Kong Back In His Cage

There's a rail inside the chute. Hold a lip trick on the left side and then the right side to send Kong howling back into captivity.

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Scare 40 Birds

Combo Scare 40 Birds

The most straightforward way of doing this is to launch up one of the quarter-pipes and keep grinding the rail around the top of the cage until 40 birds have been scared.

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