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Pro Skater Goals

This weird mish-mash of zones is only available after you've completed Skatopia.

Alien Base

Red Circuits

Activate The Red Circuitry

Aim at the wall with doorways number 3 and 4. Use the quarter-pipe to get up onto the balcony. Double Jump up onto the ledge and get into the room. You'll see two green pipes leading out of the doorways in the center. Grind both of these pipes (one at a time) to their end and Sticker Slap the red button. This will open a porthole which the ship flies through, follow it to the next zone.

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Ancient Tribe

Spray the Monkey Idols

Tag The 5 Monkey Idols

There are 2 idols on the walls either side of the entrance, Spray them and go in. On the inside quite near the entrance there's one on the left wall and one on the right, you'll need to jump up onto small ledges to get to them. Climb the rope that's dangling down in the middle of the room, grind along one of the diagonal ropes and head to the back wall where the last idol is. Once you spray it you'll see a new portal has opened on the wall behind you, grind the ropes and go through it.

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Lip the Ribs

Meet The Devil

You're now in hell apparently. Head over to the big ribcage, you'll notice that a rib on each side is broken and shorter than the rest.

Step 1: Do a lip trick on them both and they'll break completely.

Step 2: Lastly grind these fallen ribs and do a Wallplant off the runes.

That's it! Head through the statue's mouth into the long hall. The devil has a small room off the right wall. You can dance with him if you like. This is the end of story mode, be sure to play classic mode which is awesome as always!

Step 1 Video (352Kb)
Step 2 Video (718Kb)