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Philadelphia Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is hovering in the air quite near the fountain, get up on the grassy bank and ollie to get it. The K is near the building, get up and grind the blue awning to get it. Turn right and ride for a bit, use the concrete kerb to get up onto the balcony of the brick building. Double Jump onto the roof and Caveman the wire towards the fountain. Stay on this wire until you get the A. Follow this line and grind up the left hand bannister of the small building onto the electrical wires. Grind the wire all the way to the corner, this needs to be done to bring down the fence across the street. Make a right into the skatepark area you now have access to and head to the back of the park. Spine-Transfer over the cup-shaped ramps for the E, these are awkward and badly aligned so it might take a few tries. Leave the skatepark and go straight across the level. Get back up onto the balcony again and then the roof but this time Caveman onto the wire on the other corner. Grind the electrical wire right across the level for the T.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Ollie to get the C and grind the wires over the water. Ollie when you come to the fountain for the O and land back on the wire. Ollie off to the left, Manual across the ground and grind the wall for the M. Manual over to the steps and grind up the left bannister. Stay on this bannister and you'll end up on the electrical wires for the B and O. If you slow down too much ollie and get back in the grind to build momentum.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

You'll see the tape hovering high up near a wall. To snag it Wallride up and grind the wall, use the sloped end of the wall to ollie up there.

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Triple Heelflip the THPS Sign

Triple Heelflip Over The THPS Sign

The sign is red and in the middle of the level near the fountain, you can't really miss it. Use the kicker to ollie over it and do a Triple Heelflip in mid-air.

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Smack The Bags

Smack All The Bags

The bags are the big yellow things you see around the place. Head to the corner of the level where the main road enters a tunnel and get the bag. Follow the road down to the opposite wall and get the bag there. Make a sharp left and head past the THPS sign and down the steps, use the concrete slope to ollie up onto the balcony where the next bag is. Head left to the building with the blue awning and get the bag near there. Grind up the left bannister of the next building onto the electrical wires and ride it past the corner. Grinding the electrical wire is necessary to bring down the fence to the skatepark area on the right. Head into the area and on the left hand side there's the last bag.

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Smash the Hogeys

Smash The 5 Hogeys

The first hogey is on top of the red THPS sign. The next hogey is nearby on the wall to the right. The next is up on the blue awning of the building across the way, use the slopes on the floor to get up there. Get down from there and head up the steps, make a left and grind the wall for the next hogey. Take a left, go past the THPS sign and down the steps, use the slope to get up onto the balcony. Double Jump up onto the roof where the last hogey is.

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