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Kona Goals

High Score

Get A High Score: 60,000 Points

You should be able to do this in one combo by now. If your combos aren't too hot read the tips page. Good combos will get more and more important the further you progress in the game.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect The COMBO Letters

Grind the box where the C is, hop right into a Manual on the floor. Line yourself up with the O and Spine-Transfer over the ramp. Revert to a Manual when you land and grind the rail where the M is. From here you just need to grind in a straight line, use a Manual in between the gaps. The last rail will have a bend to the right where you can transfer onto the steps bannister for the final O.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect The SKATE Letters

Head down the pathway that you're facing and you'll see the S hovering above the quarter-pipe on the bend, launch up and get it. When you land head forward towards the concrete bowl and ollie through it, you'll see the K on some blue benches. Head across the slalom into the pink bowl, ollie through its side up onto the hut roof where the A is. Carry on down into the large open area of the park where the red boxes are, you'll see the T on one of the boxes down there. Head back out of the area across the grass and towards the big wooden half-pipe, the E is hovering over this half-pipe.

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Street Competition

Place 3rd Or Better: Street Competition

The competition area is great for combos, there's a load of ramps for vert tricks and plenty of rails in the middle to grind on. It's also a nice open area for flatland tricks.

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Rental Gear

Find The 4 Missing Rental Gear Items

4 rental items are out on the park, these are 2 helmets and 2 pads. Head forward from the starting position, grind the handrail down into the park area. Head across the front of the red ramp structure. You'll see a red helmet hovering above a quarter-pipe on the side of the park, launch up to get it. Carry on in the direction you land in until you come to the wooden half-pipe, there are a set of pads behind it. Continue along the back of the half-pipe and ollie over the wall. You'll come to a concrete bowl area where there's another red helmet waiting. Ollie through the bowl and head up towards the big shallow grey pool area. The last set of pads are behind the building next to the pool, grind the blue ledge along the floor.

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Mini Spine Ramp

Show Off For The Locals At The Mini-Spine

The 'mini-spine' is the 2 small half-pipes stuck together, you Spine-Transfer over the part where they join. Do all 18 tricks before time runs out, you have to do them while in a Spine-Transfer. If you get good height you can do 2 or 3 tricks in one go.

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Slalom Pool

Snake Run Slalom

The slalom takes place on the wiggly blue slope. At certain intervals there will be pairs of cones you have to get through on the left and right hand sides. There are 3 runs and they get progressively harder. It will probably take a few runs to get the hang of it, the third run is a bit tough. On the third run as soon as you are going through one set of cones you should already be turning to the opposite side since there is only a small distance between the cones. Keep your finger off the ollie button for this one since it seems to give you added speed.

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Birds on the Wire

Save The Birds On The Power Lines

There are 7 birds sitting on wires up above the half-pipe on either side. Underneath each bird you'll see a white stain on the half-pipe where they've taken a dump. Launch up at each of these points and hold a lip trick up on the wire long enough to scare the bird away.

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Misty Flip

Misty Flip Over The Big Hut Gap

Get in the pink pool and build up your special meter. Approach the hut and ollie overhead (hold up and ollie while going up the side of the pool), while you're in the air do a Misty Flip.

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Ollie and Bums

Impress Ollie And The Bums With Combos

You need to do three combos, the first one 10,000 pointsm then 11,000 and finally 12,000. Combos of this size shouldn't be any problem by this stage.

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Pro Score

Get A Pro Score: 125,000 Points

Score 125,000 points within two minutes, you can do this anywhere in the level. Try to do it in one combo, the small half-pipes are great for this.

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Collect The Skate Camp Waivers

Grind the left side of the grey pool, jump off after rounding the bend. Collect the waiver on the flat part of the pink pool then grind on its wall. After collecting two more waivers hop right and grind the blue slalom. At the bottom of the slalom jump across onto the path and grind the hand rail down into the park area. Turn left and grind the wall along side of the park. After getting two waivers jump right and cut across the park's corner, launch up the quarter-pipe where the waiver is floating. After coming down point left and cut across the other corner of the park, you'll see a waiver on a railing so grind it. Launch up the oncoming quarter-pipe for the last waiver.

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Vert Competition

Place 3rd Or Better: Vert Competition

Put together a good score on the big wooden half-pipe, don't worry about bailing it's the score that counts. Use some special tricks in your combos for good scores, like the McTwist.

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Ollie the Bum

Ollie The Magic Bum 5X... Again

Head forward from the starting point, when you reach the grass turn 45 degrees to the right. Up ahead you'll see the bum lying down, hovering slightly above the ground. Ollie over him. When you reach the wall turn left and follow it. Up ahead there's a concrete quarter-pipe, behind it is where he is next. Ollie him and head up the grassy slope. Carry on up the sloped road and you'll see a wooden quarter-pipe. To the back of this ramp there are some wooden support beams with a path through, the bum is under here. Head over to the blue pool, you'll notice one part has a square of concrete sticking up. The bum is on the ground behind this slab of concrete. Head down the pathway into the big open area of the level, head across the park to the edge. You'll see a red & grey quarter-pipe, the bum is underneath the back of it.

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Tech Tricks on the Manual Box

Show Off Your Tech On The Manual Box

Step 1: Ollie onto the box and land in a Manual. Hold it all the way to the end of the box, be sure to hold down the ollie button as this gives you speed.

Step 2: Same again, but this time do a Kickflip before you land in the Manual.

Step 3: Repeat step 2, but when you're at the end of the box ollie and do a Heelflip onto the floor.

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Miss the Bottles

50K Combo The Bowl - No Hitting Bottles

The bowl has some bottles in it, stay away from them. You need to land a 50,000 point combo in this bowl. The bottles are quite small so you're pretty unlucky to hit them. The bowl also has a small separate segment that you can use where you definitely won't hit them.

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Kona Pro Goals

Rodney Mullen's Goal

Rodney Mullen (Pro Specific Challenge)

Step 1: Do all of these tricks in a single combo: Kickflip, Heelflip, Impossible and Semi Flip (a special).

Step 2: Same again but with more complicated tricks: Double Kickflip, Double Heelflip, Fingerflip (requires more time so get some air), Airwalk and 360 Flip.

Step 3: Next up are some flatland tricks, so get into a Manual before you start, then tap in the button combinations listed on screen.

Step 1 Video (266Kb)
Step 2 Video (448Kb)
Step 3 Video (450Kb)

Steve Caballero's Goal

Steve Caballero (Pro Specific Challenge)

The timing on this can be a little awkward. When it tells you to "go high" the biker will stall on the half-pipe, you need to air over him and do the right trick. Conversely when it tells you to "go low" do the lip trick somewhere near the orange marker until the guy on the bike airs over you. When you hear the click of a camera it means the trick registered and you can go onto the next. There are 12 of these in total.

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Get a Sick Score

Get A Sick Score: 500,000 Points

Score half a million points within 2 minutes. I'm not doing any more of these high score vids, it's getting old.

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Pro C-O-M-B-O

Pro COMBO Letters

The letters are going all the way down the slalom run. Grind the left side then jump into a Manual and air up the right side, land in a Revert to a Manual and do the same again.

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Lip Tricks on the Tombstone

Show Off For The Locals At The Tombstone

The 'tombstone' is the grey piece that sticks up out of the pink pool. Do the listed lip tricks on it before the time runs out. When you land slow down and turn sharply to save time, you don't need much speed to get up there.

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Find 7 Channel Gaps

Find And Get All 7 Channel Gaps

From the starting point swerve around to the left and head up the steps, the first gap is in the kidney bowl. The next two are in the big wooden half-pipes (one in each). The last 4 are down in the big open area where all the grey ramps are. Watch the video if you need more detail, it would be a pain in the ass to describe in words.

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