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The Triangle Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is in the crashed plane, grind the wingspan to get it. The K is on a curved quarter-pipe a little further up the island. The A is hovering above a quarter-pipe near the middle of the stone bridge. The T is just outside the ship on a wooden ramp area, air over the gap in between the quarter-pipes to get it. The E is in the ship itself near the mast at the lower end.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Probably the hardest goal in the game in my opinion. Grind the half-pipe for the C, ollie over the gap and grind around the curved quarter-pipe for the O. Ollie to grind the other side of the half-pipe and again around the following curvy quarter-pipe. Hop off to the right into a Manual, ollie onto the helicopter and grind the blade for the M. Land in a Manual and head up toward the stoned bridge. Launch left up the quarter-pipe to get the B and grind on the wall. The quarter-pipe isn't quite in line with the wall so you may have to get off your board in mid-air to get into the grind. You could also Manual your way along the bridge either way is good. Near the end of the bridge you'll have a wall on the right hand side, Wallride onto this and jump to the right. Manual across and launch through the quarter-pipe to get the final O.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

Spine-Transfer into the thing on the beach that looks like an eggcup. Launch up the inside, get off your board and hang onto the frame. Pull yourself up and jump in the air to collect the tape.

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Lip Trick the UFO

Bust A Lip Trick On The UFO

You'll need plenty of speed to get up to the UFO. Spine-Transfer from the upper level down to the helipad. Line yourself up with the UFO and Spine-Transfer from the helipad down to the ground. Launch up the quarter-pipe and do a lip trick on the UFO.

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Activate Triangles

Activate The Triangles

The first triangle is behind you on the beach as you start, grind it to activate. Take a right from there and find the next triangle near the helicopters. Head past the long stone bridge and find the last one near some palm trees.

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Collect Treasure Chests

Collect 5 Treasure Chests

The first treasure chest is up on the green rocky ledge near the end of the stone bridge. The next is on the stone bridge itself. The third chest is on the ground near the other end of the stone bridge. The fourth is on a raised box structure near the start, use the sloped stones below to get up there. The last chest is on a curved quarter-pipe on the beach further up the island.

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