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Skatopia Goals

Find Ryan Sheckler

Find Ryan Sheckler

Ryan's in the barn, climb the ladder out front and jump into the opening.

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Firework on the Barn Roof

Launch The Firework

The firework is up on the barn roof, you need to set your board on fire and get up there. There's not enough time to climb the ladder up though. Ride onto the burning heap and ollie towards the barn, a good jump will give you enough boost to get up there. When you're on the roof walk up to the firework. Whoosh!

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Find the Chainsaw

Locate The Chainsaw

So we need a chainsaw engine to make the motorised skateboard eh. The chainsaw is on top of a tree near the bowl area on top of the mountain. Climb it like you would a ladder. Note that only Bigfoot gets to ride the motorised skateboard though.

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Spray Over the SPAT Tags

Mark Your Territory

SPAT's been busy again and there are 5 more tags to spray over. The first one is on the back of the Skatopia sign at the entrance. The next is on the cliff-face behind the house, use the quarter-pipe, get off your board in mid-air and grab onto the ledge. Shimmy across and spray it. The third on the side of a small shack near the top of the mine shaft. The next tag is on the side of the barn. Find the ladder in that alley and climb it, the last tag is on the side of the barn roof.

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Find Bigfoot

The Legend Of Bigfoot

You have to get the chainsaw before you can do this one. Bigfoot is easy to find he's on a low mountain ledge. As you come out the bottom of the mine shaft he's just on the left.

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Ziptoss Acid Drop

Zipline Toss Drop

Climb the ladder up the lower ledge of the cliff, jump and grab on to the zipline toss. When you're in the air do an Acid Drop into the pool under you.

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Downhill Line

Downhill Line

You're probably better off watching the video for this one. Start up in the bowl area by the bus, on the path down grind the quarter-pipe on the right. Hop right and grind the rim around the small pond. Jump off and Manual across the 'road' to the quarter-pipe on the left and grind. Hop into the big garage building and grind the right side of the pool in there. Come out the other side of the building and Wallride up the trailer van, grind it. Jump down onto the curved quarter-pipe and grind it around, jump to the skirt around the Skatopia sign and grind that too. Land it safely and voila.

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Jump to the Weather Balloon

Jump To The Weather Balloon

Get to the top of the mountain and face the bowl near the bus. You'll notice that there's a little wooden quarter-pipe on top of the bowl, just off-center to the right. Spine-Transfer onto it and use the wooden kicker to launch towards the weather balloon. When you're near the balloon get off your board and grab onto it.

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Lumberjack Combo

Lumberjack Combo

Use the zipline up the slope to get onto the first log, jump off and grind. Hop the gaps in between the logs and grind each one. You can probably go in the other direction instead if you prefer.

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Manual down the Mountain

Mountain Top Manual

Hehehe this one might give you some grief if you're balance isn't too hot. Start a Manual up near the bowl area on top of the mountain and follow the path all the way down to the entrance. Once you're around the bend point yourself straight to the exit, this way you can concentrate more on the little arrow than where you're going. Do watch out for the cars though :)

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Scrape the Bee Hives

Scrape The Hives

You need to scrape 5 beehives off walls by doing a Wallride. Note that it specifically has to be a Wallride, other wall tricks won't work. The first hive is on the wall you see in the picture, grind the fence first to get onto it. The next is on the mountain wall just across the road, use the wooden kicker there to get enough height. The next is on the side of the big garage building opposite. There's an edge on the garage wall that you can grind, use the quarter-pipe to get up there and grind it, do a Wallride when you get near the hive. The next hive is on the fence in the alley with the bowling pins. The last hive is on the edge wall by the zipline slope. Grind the quarter-pipe just before the slope then Wallride. Watch the video if this is unclear.

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Garage Spine Combo

Skatopia Spine Combo

This combo starts up on the mountain just down from the bowl, where the blue stripe is across the quarter-pipe. Spine-Transfer over the edge towards the big garage. Land in a Revert to a Manual. Do the same into the garage through the roof and again out the other side. The landing at the end is slightly angled so be careful not to goof it up.

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Spine the Mine

Spine The Mine

Head to the top of the mountain, line yourself up with the little shack on top of the bowl. Spine-Transfer over it and you'll go down the mine shaft.

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Tag the Billboard

Tag The Big Billboard

The billboard is on the front of the mountain, quite high up. Luckily it's easy to get to. Go up onto the top of the mountain, go up onto the bowl area and drop over the edge. As long as you don't jump out too far you'll land on the ledge where the billboard is. Spray it and the goal is done.

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Tree Natas Spin

Tree Top Spin And Bomb

There's a tree near the house on the lower ledge of the mountain, climb up it and do a Natas Spin on the top. Ollie off and do an Acid Drop into one of the quarter-pipes below. Use Focus if you want to control your direction better.

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Special Guest - Ryan Sheckler

Long Electrical Wire

One Long Electric Wire

Another tough but enjoyable one. Use the slope near the bus to launch up onto the electrical wire and grind it all the way down to near the entrance. It's ok to use ollies if you slow down too much. The arrow starts swinging pretty wildly by the time you're near the bottom, good luck!

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Spine Transfer over the House

Over The House

Acid Drop from the cliff-face (lower level is ok) and use the quarter-pipe to Spine-Transfer over the house.

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Zipline Wire Bombs

Grind the log at the top of the slope and ollie onto the zipline that runs all the way up. When you're over the base of the slope jump and do an Acid Drop into the little ramp there.

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Shack to Shack

Shack Attack

The possibilities are endless for this one, you have to enter one of the shacks near the entrance, then in a single combo make your way back down the mountain and into the opposite shack. Don't get off your board at any point, walking disqualifies you. Starting off with the red shack seemed easiest to me so I recommend that. Use a combination of manuals and grinding to make your way down, the hardest part is probably the curve at the end to get into the shack.

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Secret Character - Bigfoot

Clear Path

A Clear Path

There's a narrow slope that goes down the side of the mountain, it runs alongside the wide slope with the zipline. From the top, ollie onto the slope into a Manual. Ride all the way down and use the wooden kicker at the bottom.

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Bigfoot's Plants

Grow Some Plants

There are some small squares on the floor with earth and a small yellow sign sticking out. To make the plants grow you just have to do a flip trick over it. The first patch is on the mountainside near the pond, the next is in the far corner near the burning heap. The last patch is near the bottom of the zipline slope.

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Manual Up a Slope

Manual Up A Slope

This is easy with Bigfoot and his motorised skateboard, just start a Manual at the bottom of the zipline slope and ride it up to the top.

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Transfer at the Entrance

Skatopia Transfer

Really easy this one, transfer onto the quarter-pipe of the Skatopia sign from the one just across the way.

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Ending - Bam Margera

Box Bombs

Box Bombs

You have to land on top of all 8 boxes within 2 combos. The easiest way to do this is to start a combo (do a Kickflip or something) then get off your board and jump onto each box by foot. The clock gives you enough time to cover the boxes doing this as long as you're not a slouch about it.

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Fountain Bomb

Fountain O Glory

This is the thing that looks like a big firework near the barn, get up on top of it by grinding the fuse up. Use ollies to maintain speed until you reach the top. Once you're up there just grind the fuse back down.

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Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb

This is the bomb near the bus, it looks like a globe. Get up there by using the wooden stands at its base and Double Jump your way up. Walk to the fuse in the middle and you're done.

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Rockets Battery

Do a Natas Spin on a rocket 4 times in one combo. You have to do a spin in each quarter of the square because after being spun on the rockets in that quarter will sink into the box. Use Focus and aim yourself in the right direction if you have trouble with this.

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Spin Bomb

Spin Bomb

Get up onto the house roof and climb the metal pole. Grind around the circular edge of this firework contraption 3 times.

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Ending - Tony Hawk

Save the Dogs

Save The Dogs

You only have 5 seconds to get out of Skatopia, but collect as many dogs as you can on the way down because they'll give you an extra second each. It's pretty obvious where they are, there's a load of them by the barn. Go to the left of the Fountain O Glory because there's one there. After that collect the cat on the right for comedy value, it will cling to your face for the rest of the ride. You don't have to get every animal you just have to make it out of the park in one piece.

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Escape from Skatopia

Escape Line

You can do this loads of ways, but this is mine. Go up the quarter-pipe you're facing and grind to the right. Jump off into a Manual, point right a little and use the burning heap to boost yourself onto the log at the top of the slope. Grind the log and ollie to the zipline, grind it down. Hop off to the left and Manual to the entrance. Congratulations, you've completed story mode. Kind of. There's another weird level tacked onto the end of the game called Pro Skater with a few goals.

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Skatopia - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

Head to the back of Skatopia where the big wood ramps are, grind the fence around the ramps for the S and K. Ride down on the left path, you'll see the A hovering on the right wall. Grind on the quarter-pipe and Wallride to snag the A. The T is hovering above the house, get up there using the quarter-pipe. Finally the E is just across from the house hovering near the fence.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Pretty obvious what to do here, just keep grinding the edges of the quarter-pipes ollying over the gaps. If you miss a grind try using a Manual to keep the combo alive.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

The tape is on the cliff-face near the steep slope with the zipslide, on the left hand as you enter Skatopia. You need to approach this from the top of the slope so get up there. Use the quarter-pipe to get up and grind on the cliff ledge, follow it to the tape.

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Frontflip the Skatopia Sign

Frontflip The Skatopia Sign

The sign for this goal is right at the entrance. Get some speed using the quarter-pipe opposite and Spine-Transfer over the sign, while in the air perform the Frontflip.

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Get 5 Bags of Dog Food

Get 5 Bags Of Dog Food

The first bag is on the decking right outside the house. Use the ladder to get up onto the first ledge of the mountain in the middle, there is a bag there. Make your way to the top of this mountain there's another bag on the edge next to a little wooden hut. Jump down to the right, next to the red and white building with a pool in it there's another bag. Finally head to the back of Skatopia, the last bag is in the alleyway on the left between the full-pipe and the barn.

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5 Skunk Grinds

Hit The 5 Skunk Grinds

Use the ladders to get up onto the 2nd ledge of the mountain in the center of Skatopia, the first skunk grind is on this ledge. Get off the mountain and head up the steep slope on the left, at the top you'll see the next skunk on the end of a log. Go to the back area of Skatopia where the big ramps are, use the ramp to get up on the electrical wire with all the lightbulbs on it. Ride it around and you'll end up going over the next skunk which is on the side of the roof. Head all the way down the hill, the next skunk is on the little red shack near the entrance. Finally grind the Skatopia sign and follow the red wire over to the shed roof where the last skunk is.

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