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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Secret Tape

Find The Secret Tape

Before attempting this you must have already done the 'Start the Earthquake' goal. Use the slope at the base of the Car Wash to get up onto its roof. Go from here up onto the broken piece of freeway. Follow it along until you see a wooden ramp, use it to jump onto the building across the way. Jump the gap onto the red building, you'll see a part of it curves out over the road. Ride along this curve and jump, grind the railing to the tape.

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Free the Stone Balls

Free Ballin'

This one is very simple. In the area with the purple ramp you'll see two red stone balls on the ground, grind on top of each one to complete the goal.

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One Foot Japan

One Foot Japan The Tower Poppin' Transfer

Near the circular pool there's a rooftop which is basically a blue half-pipe. You need to use one of the quarter-pipes below to transfer into it, and while in the air pull off a One Foot Japan.

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Varial Kickflip at Tower Rails

Varial Kickflip The Tower Rails Gap

On the other side of the glass windows you'll see an area with some steps with handrails going up and then down. Approach at speed and grind the rail up, near the top do an ollie. While in the air pull off a Varial Kickflip and land in a grind on the railing down.

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Earthquake Rails Grind

Start The Earthquake

This is all about grinding 4 handrails situated around the tower near where you start the level. Watch the video if you have trouble finding any of them.

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Stop the Car Chase

Block The Car Chase

You must do the 'Start the Earthquake' goal before trying this. Again use the Car Wash roof to get up onto the broken freeway. On the left side you'll see a wrecked car hanging over the edge, grind on it and let the mayhem ensue.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect The SKATE Letters

You can see the S as you start the level, it's in the tower straight ahead of you on a handrail. Grind that rail and you'll come out on the right side of the tower. Head across the road to where the circular pool is, use the quarter-pipe on the left to transfer up onto the roof. You should get the K while you're in the air doing this. Transfer back down to the ground on the opposite side, grind the railing up the steps and collect the A. Use the curved ramp against the wall to get up into a grind along the fencing, follow the line to the T. Drop back down the ground, head forward to the yellow building structure and grind up the sloped part for the E.

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S-K-A-T-E Set 2

Collect The SKATE Letters (alternate set)

Head to the right from the start down the road, grind the hand rail for the S. Grind around the circular pool for the K. Head back towards the tower, grind the wall for the A and head towards the purple wall area. Near the purple structure there's a curved grey wall, Wallride up this and grind it. When you're near the purple wall jump and grind it for the T. Across the road you'll notice an opening with an entrance. Go in here and use the quarter-pipe to launch up and grind for the E.

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