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Los Angeles Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is next to the start, Wallie off the right hand wall to get up there. Turn right and head down to the little circular pool, transfer into the half-pipe above using the quarter-pipe on the right. Transfer out to the other side collecting the K in the process. Use the quarter-pipe to build up speed and grind the wall for even more then Spine-Transfer over the walkway, hopefully collecting the A in the process. Make a left, grind on the fire truck (not the ladder), use its cab to launch yourself high in the air, Wallride on the wall for even more height to get the T. Head down the road and around the corner, the E is high up on the fat column. To get up there do a Wallride on the edge of the column, it'll switch to a different camera angle and with luck you'll get the E. Timing and position plays a part in this, you're not guaranteed to make it.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Reach the C by transferring up from the quarter-pipe on the lower level. Land in a grind on the brown ledge, grind it to the end hopping the gaps in between and jump to the O. Manual to the quarter-pipe across the way and grind on it to the left, get the M and grind up the fire engine's ladder. When you're close to the B do a Wallride to get the extra height. Drop to the ground but carry on grinding the ledges along the side of the road around the corner. Hop the gaps and grind until you reach the O.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

The tape is up on the building in front of you when you start, grind the wire up onto the roof. From here use a series of jumps and double jumps to get up on the tower where the tape is.

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Roll the Purple Gap

Roll The Purple Gap

Get up enough speed, go up the sloped side of the purple half-pipe and ollie over. While in mid-air do a Roll.

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Blow Up Ice Lattes

Blow Up The 5 Ice Lattes

The first latte is right behind you as you start, grind the quarter-pipe to get it. Roll down the grassy bank and make a right, Wallride up the office building on your right and grind it for the next latte. Swerve left and head for the area where the stores are, launch up one side of the carwash and grind the sign to get the latte. Do a 180 and head down the road and, enter the archway on the right. Launch up a quarter-pipe and grind to the next latte, get back out and carry on down the road. Use a Double Jump to get up onto the brown building's roof and again up to the ledge for the final latte.

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Crush the Low Carb Dishes

Crush 5 Low Carb Dishes

The first dish is up on the roof of the building in front of you when you start, grind the wire up there and go around the other side of the tower. Jump down and ride down the street, smash through the glass on the right hand side and the second dish is on a bench. Ride through the room and break out the glass on the other side, use the quarter-pipe on the right and transfer to a grind on the brown ledge above. Grind this ledge until you hear the grating open. Go down the hole the grate was covering and get the dish. The next dish is on a low roof near the carwash. Turn left at the fire engine and ride down the street, when you reach the corner pull a Wallride and grind. Hold the grind and you'll go from the wall, over a wire, onto the cinema and finally to the dish on a ledge.

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