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Hawaii Goals

Chapter 14 - Get Lei'd

Tricks For Couples

Wedding Guest

There are 4 happy couples around the place, do a trick while standing next to each of them.

Step 1: First trick is a Kickflip, do it by the couple on the beach in front of you as you start.

Step 2: Next trick to do is an Impossible. You can find another couple just through the doors on the other side of the pool area.

Step 3: Next a Heelflip. Find a couple in the lobby of the pink hotel.

Step 4: Last up is a Pop Shove-It. You can find the last couple on the other side of the level, behind the indoor market place (strange place to be hanging out just after your wedding).

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Collect Leis

Get Lei'd

Leis are those flowery things shaped like a hoop, there are 5 of them to collect. The first one is on the quarter-pipe across the road in front of you as you start the goal. The next is nearby, over on the trunk of a bent palm tree leaning against the pink hotel. As you're grinding back down the tree trunk stay on this heading, jump over the big gutter and make a right. Transfer over the fence from one quarter-pipe to the next for the 3rd lei. Head out of the area and find the next lei by the benches. Do a wide U-turn right into the indoor market place and get the last lei.

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Pineapple Stands

Pineapple Killer

Time for some wreckless driving! Smash up 5 pineapple carts, there are lots of these scattered about the level. The carts are quite small and have a red n white umbrella over them.

Head forward a little and make a right down the side of the pink building. Head near the beach and pull a big swerve left to nail the cart. Head back towards the road and turn right onto it. Get the cart on the left hand side then head to the corner. Pull a skid left to get the cart there and carry on down the road. Hit the cart on the right hand side near the benches and follow the road left. You'll find another cart up ahead on the right hand side of the road.

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Speak Hawaiian

You have to collect all the letters from MAWAENA which are in a nice line, problem is time is tight! Grind on the circle thing in front of you for the M and follow it around. Grind the pink benches for the A and W. You're pretty much out of time by now so you have to finish the job in a combo. Land in a Manual and get the A, turn a little to the right and get the E. Grind up the plank for the N and Get Off Your Board in mid-air. Land the other side of the fence and run into the last A.

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Drain the Pool

Drain The Pool

Step 1: Do a Wallplant 3 times off the drinks machine.

Step 2: Climb the ladder, walk along the ledge to the right. Climb up the next ladder and stand next to the green marker. Jump into the air and do an Acid Drop into the pool below.

Step 1 Video (456Kb)
Step 2 Video (591Kb)

Chapter 15 - Find The Ultimate Spot

Impress Ladies

Impress The Girls

There are 3 sets of girls you need to impress with a 7,500+ points combo.

Step 1: The first bunch of girls are next to the pool where you start out. Get in there and use some vert tricks to get the points.

Step 2: Next head onto the beach where some more girls are seated. Get into a Manual and do some flatland tricks, like Handstand, Pogo and others.

Step 3: Lastly head up the beach to where the other hotel is, there are girls around the pool here. Do the same thing you did in step 1 and the goal's finished.

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Luau Competition

Luau Competition

You only need to place in the top 5 to get through this so there's plenty of room for error. The easiest way to get a good score is to travel between the 2 quarter-pipes doing vert tricks. You can also lip trick on the thatched roof of the hut, use modifiers to milk extra points out of this. Include some special tricks in your run and you'll fly through this with time to spare.

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Combo bowls

Wallows Combo Bowls

You'll see 3 green icons down the way, 2 on the right and 1 on the left. At these points the quarter-pipe has a kind of dent in it where the ground goes lower. All you have to do is transfer through these 3 points in one combo, so your path down is a zigzag, first you go to the right hand side, then the left, and finally the right again. Revert to a Manual when you land each time to keep the combo going. Watch the video if this is unclear.

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Grind the Colored Wire

High Lines

From the starting point head forward a little then ollie to the right and grind the wire. Modify this into a Crooked Grind and ride it until you get notified that you've gone far enough.

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Off The Walls

Use the kicker to jump down into the gutter at speed, land in a Manual and hold the ollie button down for speed. Do a Handstand on your way to the end, once you reach the quarter-pipe land it.

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Trick the Houses

Kill Wallows

Wallows is a street full of stuff you can grind on, namely roofs and fences. You need to trick on 10 of them, the easiest way to do this is by grinding. You don't need to do this in a single combo either. Start on the left hand side, use the quarter-pipe to launch onto the lower roof of the pink house. From here grind your way down the street in a straight line, you should be able to get about 5 or 6 tricks done this way. When you've tricked an object it will turn red. Use the wooden quarter-pipe in the middle of the road to launch right and grind your way up the other side of the street. Get a few more tricks on the houses and you're done.

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Lip Tricks Tour

Island Liptrick Tour

There's a series of 4 spots that you need to do a lip trick on, the spots are tagged by green markers. You have to hold the lip trick a short time until it tells you to move on. First spot is dead ahead of you as you start, use the stone quarter-pipe to launch up into the branches and do a lip trick by the marker. The next is directly across the road from the side, on the hotel with the wave-shaped roof. As you come down make a right down the road, then a left. The next spot is on this road, on the right hand side. The final spot is on the fence of the raised pool area outside the pink hotel. Use the quarter-pipe below to get up onto it.

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Climb to the Roof

Climb The Hotel

Double Jump onto the yellow bus roof and again to the ledge on the wall. Grab on and pull yourself up, walk to the left. Jump over the gap and climb the ladder up all the way. Turn right and do a running jump onto the wire, hit the grind button and ride it up to the roof.

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Chapter 16 - Get The Shot

Hotel Transfer

Hotel Hopper

Build up speed from the quarter-pipe behind you then do a Boneless off the kicker towards the hotel opposite. There are some poles sticking out the side of the roof, use one of these to grind on.

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Crazy Footage

Craziest Footage Ever

Step 1: We need a 50,000 point combo up on this roof. Not too hard. Build up a combo using the quarter-pipes at either end for vert tricks, grind the rails across the floor in between.

Step 2: Build up speed from the rails and use the quarter-pipe to launch up and do a Spine-Transfer. Start spinning as early as you can and do any simple trick in the air, you need to have done a 900 by the time you land. To give yourself the best chance when you ollie from the rails on the roof try to land right at the base of the quarter-pipe.

Step 3: Fill up your special meter and use the rails on the floor to build up speed. Ollie off the kicker over towards the pink hotel, while you're in the air do a McTwist and land over there. Sometimes it still counts even if you don't quite make it.

Step 1 Video (654Kb)
Step 2 Video (405Kb)
Step 3 Video (651Kb)

Pro Goal - Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen

Rodney's Special Grind

Rodney has a special kind of grind on his mind, fill your special meter. He wants to see 10 seconds worth of Crooks Darkslide. The long concrete ledge around the benches where you start this goal are a good place to do it, grind slowly to build up the time taken. Note you don't have to do this in one combo.

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Secret Tape

Secret Tape in Hawaii

Secret Tape

You reach this tape via a wire from the roof of the hotel (not the pink hotel). You'll have the easiest access to the roof once you've done the goal where you drain the pool, the doors next to the vending machine will take you up there. Head to the corner of the roof where you're facing the pink hotel and grind down the wire for the tape.

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