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Berlin Goals


Berlin Gets Owned

Grind on Bam's Wall towards the DOWNZEKD letters, jump to the curved yellow rail on the left and grind it. At the top ollie to the right and grind across the letters. The D, Z and K will fall leaving Berlin in an owned state.

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Find the Graffiti Artist

Find The Graffiti Tagger

The tagger is on the 3rd floor of the big yellow building. Go to the corner of the level where the beer barrels are and use the quarter-pipe to launch right onto the ledge and grind. Use the ladder to climb up to where the tagger is.

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Find Paulie

Find The Special Guest

The special guest is Paulie the wheelchair kid, he's on the roof of the building left of the church. To get to him just walk through the doors.

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Free the Church Spirits

Free The Spirits

Spine-Transfer into the church and do a Sticker Slap two times on the crumbly wall.

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Help Wee-Man's Fish

Help Wee-Man

Wee-Man is next to a large window over by the circular fountain, help him release the fish by doing a Sticker Slap twice on the window.

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Inliner Signs

Inliners Rule

You have to destroy 2 signs that say 'Inliners Rule', these things are big with a green and pink design. The first one is in between 2 red ledges on the first floor (as seen in the pic). The other one is right in the corner of the level near the beer drinkers and barrels.

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No Smoking Kids

Stop The Kids From Smoking

Destroy the 3 cigarette machines by doing a Sticker Slap on them. The first one is on the Gallerie wall on the DOWNZEKD side. The next is down in the area with the Autofarht doors. The last machine is close to the road on the corner of the big yellow building.

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Disrupt the Satellites

Disrupt Communication

Get up onto the roof of the Ausfarht Center by going through the doors (just ahead as you start). Launch off the fan to the roof opposite, while you're in the air do an Acid Drop onto the quarter-pipe to gain speed. Do a Rocket Air over the glass roof from one quarter-pipe to the other.

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Barf Grind

Grind N Barf

Grind N Barf is a special move so fill your special meter before starting. First Grind N Barf on the wall where you switch with Bam, then do it again on the rail above the Autofarht Center doors. You don't have to time it all that well.

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Set Police Hats on Fire

Hats On Fire

There's a trench in front of the church with a leaking gas pipe, grind over the pipe to set your board on fire. Point left and go through the area with the circular fountain, ollie over each of the 3 policemen in green uniform.

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Learn the Natas Spin

Learn The Natas Spin

Approach the guy in a white shirt near the trees, he'll tell you about the Natas Spin. There's a handy row of poles right next to him to use, do the Natas Spin 3 times.

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Pro Tour Line

Pro Tour Line

Use the quarter-pipe by the barrels to launch right and grind the first floor ledge, use the slope on the end of the ledge to get up onto the 2nd floor. After rounding the corner do the same again up to the 3rd floor. Jump off the edge and grind the gallerie wall (the one covered in graffiti). Use the end of the wall to get up and grind on the curved yellow rail, near the top ollie and do any lip trick on the letters. It can be hard to nail the lip trick, sometimes your skater will fly off into a grind instead.

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Tourist Line

Tourist Line

Firstly grind the ledge around the circular fountain, then grind the yellow pipe. Next grind the stripey roadblock and onto the steps. Ride the curve and use the quarter-pipe to grind the wall left. Ollie and Sticker Slap off the blue glass thing and grind the wall back in the opposite direction. Use the end of the wall to launch into the air and Acid Drop onto Bam's wall.

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Secret Character - Graffiti Tagger

Spray Over the SPAT Tags

Mark Your Territory

Spray over 5 SPAT tags. The first tag is on the wall where you switch with the Graffiti Tagger, the next is on Bam's wall. The next on the Gallerie wall near the DOWNZEKD letters. The fourth is on the front of the church at ground level. The final SPAT tag is up on the roof of Paulie's building, use a Spine-Transfer twice to get up there.

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Throw Cans at the Taggers

Paint Bomber

You need to hit 5 taggers by throwing spray cans at them, you can pick up some spraycans up on the 3rd floor ledge of the yellow building, where you first found our tagger guy. The first tagger to hit is around the corner up on the 3rd floor red ledge. The next is outside the church on the right hand wall. The next 2 are up on ledges along the DOWNZEKD wall, it's simple enough to get up on them you can Double Jump or use quarter-pipes. The last one is on a lower ledge of the building with the fan on the roof. You can transfer onto the ledge using the quarter-pipe on the ground, or jump down from the rooftop.

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Repaint the Mural

Tagger Skillz

At the top of the ladder inside the church there's a faded mural on the wall. Spray each segment of the wall to bring back the mural, once you've done this the Gallerie doors will be open.

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Tag the Billboard

Tag The Big Billboard

The billboard is up on the side of the big yellow building. Get up onto the 3rd floor ledge where the spray cans are and walk towards the corner edge. Do a Double Jump up onto the billboard's ledge, then Double Jump again and cling to the top of the billboard. From this position you can Spray it.

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Special Guest - Paulie

Wheelchair Tour of Berlin

Berlin Tour

The game pretty much describes what you have to do here. Grind the steps under the place where you found Paulie, then the planter just across the road. Launch left up the quarter-pipe just ahead and grind the first ledge of the yellow building, ride it to the end and jump to the roof opposite. You don't need to provide any direction just follow the line. Lastly jump down and grind the water feature shaped like a semi-circle.

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Paulie's Wheel Skills

Skills On Wheels

Get up on the roof where the fan is by going through the Autofarht Center doors. On the right hand side you'll see 2 kickers, jump off this side of the roof and do any flip trick, then Acid Drop when you're over the quarter-pipe below.

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Wheelchair Combo

Wheelin Combo

Make a 15,000 point combo in Paulie's wheelchair. This isn't all that hard, the wheelchair can do all the tricks you need to keep a combo going like Revert, Manual and grinds. Amusingly it can also do a Backflip, Roll and Natas Spin among other things.

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Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Team Challenge

There are 3 parts to this challenge:

Step 1: Grind with Paulie in a circle for 10 seconds. Do this on the circular fountain.

Step 2: Manual between the cones with Bam. The first pair of cones are on the left side of the church, follow the road down to the yellow building and turn right.

Step 3: Get a 10,000 point air combo in the church, a McTwist and a flip trick will do this.

Paulie Video (521Kb) Bam Video (542Kb) You Video (202Kb)

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Berlin - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

Approach the grey building with the red ledges in the corner of the level near the church. Wallride and grind up to the 2nd ledge to collect the S. Keep grinding around the corner and onto the shop ledges. Collect the K and jump down to the right. The A is on the 3rd floor of the bright yellow building in the opposite corner. After collecting it grind along the ledge you're on and across the wire with the T to the other roof. Use the kicker off that roof to get E the last letter.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Grind the rail with the C, ollie to the steps and continue grinding for the O. Ollie to a Manual then grind the next set of steps for the M. Ride it around the corner and get into another Manual. Spine-Transfer over the wall to get the B, land in a Revert to a Manual and launch up the quarter-pipe for the final O.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

The tape is up on the church roof. Get into the church using a Spine-Transfer through the gap in the wall. There's a ladder on the inside but it's high off the ground, to get onto it launch up the quarter-pipe and get off your board in mid-air. Ascend the ladder up into the church roof, watch out for the bats!

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Acid Drop from the 4 Beer Steins

Acid Drop from the 4 Beer Steins

For the first one get up on the church roof and Acid Drop off the side where the floating beer mug is. The second drop is up on the 3rd floor of the red building, use the ladders to get up there. The next is up on the 3rd floor of the big yellow building. For the last one get back up on the yellow building and grind the ledge, across the red wire onto the roof of the smaller building opposite. The last drop is off the roof of this building.

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Madonna the Soldiers

Madonna The Soldiers

By 'soldiers' this goal means the big white sign with a picture of a soldier on it. Get up speed by grinding on the low ledges and use the curb to ollie high over the sign. Do a Madonna while you're in the air.

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Rebuild the Space Monkey

Put The Space Monkey Back Together

From the starting position head straight ahead and grind the stairs down to get the first part. Enter the doors ahead of you and you'll be on the roof. Head over to the air vent which is blowing air upwards, stand stationery on it and ollie to fly up and get a part. Next get a run up and use this vent to fly over to the opposite roof where another part is hovering above a quarter-pipe. Get down from the roof and head to the corner of the level where the yellow building is, there's a part here hovering near the barrels. The final part is on the small building to the left of the church, use a Spine-Transfer the get up there.

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