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Downhill Jam Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

Head down the roll-in at the start and use the kicker on the right to get up on the rails where the S is. Go a bit further down the level and use the kicker next to the black and white 4* sign to get up on the rail with the K. Veer left and use the ramp against the wall to launch up onto the overhead rail which has the A on it. Get on ground level and you'll see a large billboard, use the kicker, Wallride up and grind on top of it to reach the T. The E is near the end of the level, grind the rail in the middle and ollie off the edge for it.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Grind down the sloped rail and ollie off the end for the C and O. Land in a Manual and launch up the quarter-pipe on the left for the M. Land in a Revert to a Manual, use the kicker to ollie up onto the rails and grind. Ollie off the end to get the B, land in another Manual and get up onto the left hand of the half-pipe. Grind it down to the O.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

Get up on the area to the right of the big half-pipe, grind the rail across to the other platform and do a Boneless over the big gap. Get up onto the rocky mound where the black sign is and follow the path around to the right. Ollie over the gap and ollie again onto the rails where the tape is. I'm guessing there are other ways to do this one but I didn't figure them out.

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Japan the Grate

Japan Over The Giant Grate

The grate is on the floor in between two kickers near the end of the level. Get up some speed and do a Japan over it.

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Manual the Puddles

Manual Through The Puddles

The 5 puddles are all on ground level, just roll through the level and you'll have no trouble spotting them. Do a Manual or a Nose Manual through each one.

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Smash the Crates

Smash 5 Crates

Use the kicker near the start to get up on the right hand wall where the first crate is. Next ollie off the kicker with the valve onto the rocky ledge with the second crate. Get up on the area to the right of the big half-pipe and smash the crate there. Grind the wire across and do a Boneless over the big gap to the next crate (it'll take a well timed jump, the gap is kinda hard). The final crate is near the end of the level, stay right after the giant grate and it's just ahead of you.

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