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Slam City Jam Goals

Chapter 18 - Destroy The Slam City Jam



Steering this blimp thing is pretty awkward so take it slow when you're near the fans. Other than that this goal is pretty straight forward, pick up the 5 fans who are hanging around. Each fan has a green icon hovering above so you can spot them a mile off. Basically your path is a big circle.

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Hip Transfer

Learn The Hip Transfers

A Hip Transfer is something similar to a Spine Transfer except you do it at an angle so as to cut the corner of ramps with a square edge.

Step 1: Approach the quarter-pipe at a 45 degree angle to the left, launch up and Hip Transfer down onto its left side.

Step 2: Repeat step 1, but this time carry on going across the park to the tall ramp with the VANS logo. Hip Transfer that to the left too.

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Vert Contest

Destroy The Vert Contest

Time for some vert action, you have to stay on the half-pipe for this one. Tips for a high scoring combo: Go back and forth doing various flips and grabs, try to include some special tricks as well. When you run low on speed pull a lip trick and shuffle through some modifiers. After that do some flatland tricks and land it. Even though I guess flatland tricks aren't really in the spirit of a 'vert contest' they still work fine :). See the video for an example, something like that is enough for a 99 score. Instead of waiting for the clock to run out, if you feel you've done enough you can hit the start button and choose to 'End Current Run'.

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Street Contest

Destroy The Street Contest

You've got a minute and a half for each run and you're not limited to any single area, buiding up a score good enough to at least place is not too hard. Use all the skills you've learned to put together a nice combo or 2. Use modifiers on your grinds and manuals to rack up the points and try to include some special tricks. Don't worry too much about bailing, the score is the important thing. See the video for an example combo, something like that alone is good enough for first place.

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Beat Eric Sparrow

Best Of Show

You have to follow the line Eric did but beat his score before the time runs out. All the objects you need to trick on are flashing, perform a variety of grinds on them and try to stay in combos for as long as you can. The last item is a quarter-pipe, if you're struggling for score launch up it and do a special trick like a McTwist. Land it in a Revert to a Manual and do some flatland tricks until you have enough points. If you complete the line and beat the score early you still have to wait for the clock to run out so be patient.

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Pro Goal - Bucky Lasek

1990 Invert the Speakers

1990 Invert The Speakers

WHAT?? TOO MUCH FEEDBACK FROM THE SPEAKERS?? OH, OK!! The 1990 Invert is a special lip trick. Fill your special meter and build up speed. Both speakers are fitted above the same side of the ramp. Try to launch up reasonably straight and hold down the button on your way up as opposed to tapping it, or you might find yourself doing a grind instead.

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Secret Tape

Secret Tape in Slam City Jam

Secret Tape

You might have a hard time finding this by yourself because the tape isn't in plain view. Luckily once you know, it's easy to get. Head down the steep roll-in at the start and use the other side of the half-pipe to grind on the light scaffolding. Follow it around and you'll smash through the scoreboard to get the tape.

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