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Canada Goals

Get a High Score

High Scores

The scores this time are 35,000 (High score), 70,000 (Pro score) and 120,000 (Sick score).

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Canada Secret Tape

Find The Secret Tape

At the starting point swerve around 180 degrees and head back up the roll-in. Ollie up onto the wooden walkway (it's like the Ewok village up here!). Ollie the gap onto the next walkway and ride it a while, when it forks in 2 go left. Jump over the bowl area. Grind the fence on the left to flip a switch, this brings raises the ramp a bit. Use the quarter-pipe and air to the right up onto the higher ramp, use the kicker on the other side to jump into the next half-pipe. Ride across the half-pipe and jump into the chute that's going up the cliffside. There's a train track up here, grind on the right hand rail until you reach the tape.

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Grind Around the Horn

Nosegrind Around The Horn

From the start, go back up the roll-in and jump to the wooden walkway. Use the kicker to jump onto the next one and slow down. Make a left, Nosegrind the rope over the gap below and jump off on the other side.

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Melon Grab

Melon Grab Over The Blade

The roll-in you go down at the start is the intersection of 'the blade'. Head up one side at an angle and air over it, pull a Melon grab while you're in the air and land on the other side.

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Impress 5 Skaters

Impress The Skaters

There are 5 skaters scattered around the skate park area, you can't really miss them they don't move around. Pull off tricks or small combos near them (worth a couple of thousand or so) and they'll be impressed.

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Bury the Bully in Snow

Bury The Bully

Go back up the roll-in at the start and jump to the right into a tree. The snow falls on the bully, giving him a bad time.

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Help Chuck

Get Chuck Unstuck

Near the starting point you'll see a small crowd of people on the other side of the fence. Hop over it and roll into Chuck, the one with his tongue stuck to the pole.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

Grind the fence near where Chuck was to get the S. Use the pile of snow to jump up onto the cabin roof where the K is waiting. Ride along the roof and onto the walkway, you'll see the A up ahead so grind the log to get it. Get back onto the walkway and grind the next log for the T. Roll off the edge onto the lower boards, use the quarter-pipe up ahead to get the E.

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S-K-A-T-E Set 2

Collect SKATE Letters (alternate set)

Up ahead from the start you'll see the S hovering over a ramp over some cars in the car park. Keep going on that heading, you'll see the K over the curved ramp in the corner. On landing turn left and head down the hill, grind the wooden fence on your left for the A. Carry on grinding that line around the ramp and wall for the T and E.

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