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Unlock the Haunted House

Help The Thin Man

Best to do this goal first since it gives you access to the Haunted House, which you need to get the secret tape. The creepy man has lost his keys, but he needs something a bit stronger to get through the boards anyway. From the starting roll-in head to the right, follow the road to where they're building a house. On a wooden rail here you'll find an axe, collect it and take it back to the man.

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Secret Tape on the Haunted House

Find The Secret Tape

You must do the 'Help The Thin Man' goal above before trying this. Enter the Haunted House through the door, use the quarter-pipe to transfer to the right into the back yard. Out here you'll see a ramp heading up to a window on the house, crash through the window and ride across the room. Smash through the window on the opposite side and grind the rod to the tape.

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Satellite Dish Needs Power

Restore Power To The Dish

This involves grinding two electrical wires. Head to the backyard where the empty pool is, you'll see a sloped walkway heading up to the roof, follow this. Once you're up on the roof you'll see a wire leading from the roof's corner over to another house with a red tiles on its roof. Grind the wire over there. Stop on the red roof and turn around. You'll see another wire slightly higher up, ollie and grind it until you see the goal is done.

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Heelflip over the Trailer

Heelflip The Trailer Hop

This can be tricky, it's best to wait until you've maxed your skater's Speed and Ollie stats. Fill your special meter too for added boost. You'll see the blue trailer has a ramp leading up one end, use the quarter-pipe opposite to build up speed then fly up the ramp. Ollie over the trailer roof, while you're in mid air do a Heelflip. If you land on the ground the other side you've made it.

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Nosegrab the Ramps

Nosegrab Over The Ramps

Head into the trailer park, find the 2 wooden quarter-pipes with a gap in between (pictured). Head up one side at an angle, while in the air do a Nosegrab and land it on the other side.

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Crush the Pumpkins

Squash 5 Pumpkins

From the starting roll-in turn sharply to the right and get into the grounds of the Haunted House, there's a pumpkin on top of a quarter-pipe in here. Head back out of the area through the other gate, you'll see the next pumpkin on a wooden ramp in front of you. The next pumpkin is outside the front of the house near the trailers, on a low ledge you can grind. Head through the back yard past the pool, you'll see the fourth pumpkin on a quarter-pipe in this area. Use one of the ramps to get over the fence into the bigger back yard of the other house. Get up onto the brick wall and grind it around for the last pumpkin.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect The SKATE Letters

From the start of the level head right and follow the road to the construction site where they're building a new house, you'll see the S hovering over a ramp here. Head over to the red brick wall, Wallride up it and grind on top for the K. Keep grinding it around until you reach the back yard with the empty pool. Head past the pool and down the alleyway at the side of the house, you'll see the A on top of the red trailer roof, use the mound of dirt to get up there. Head into the area where the ramps are (just outside the Haunted House), air from the quarter-pipe onto the wooden half-pipe to collect the T in mid air. The E is hovering outside the front of the Haunted House, on the left side.

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S-K-A-T-E Set 2

Collect The SKATE Letters (alternate set)

Head straight ahead from the roll-in, on the fence with 2 thin planks you'll see the S. Hop the fence and turn left, go up the slope onto the house roof where you'll find the K. Head to the trailer park, you'll see the A on the highest part of a ramp in here. Make for the Haunted House, grind the low wall in here for the T. Cross the road to the unfinished house, use the ramp up its side for the E.

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