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Alcatraz Goals

High Score

Get A High Score: 55,000 Points

Build up a score of 55,000 points within 2 minutes. You can do this anywhere in the level, but where you get the goal is fine. A decent combo will do it easily, see the tips page if you're clueless about combos.

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COMBO Letters

Collect The C-O-M-B-O Letters

Grind the quarter-pipe on the left hand side for the C. Ollie near the end of it to get the O and land in a Manual. Grind the silver railing, after it bends jump and grind the edge of the roof for the M and B. Jump off the end of the roof and Manual down to the water. Launch up the quarter-pipe for the final O and land it.

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SKATE Letters

Collect The S-K-A-T-E Letters

Launch off the kicker in front of you for the S. When you land turn left and follow the road, you'll see the K to the left of the dark doorway. Head down the slope and use the kicker ramp to get into a grind on the left side of the tower. Grind it around for the A then jump off. Point left a little and head in between the buildings towards the water. You'll see the T on the wall, grind it. Follow it to the end of the bend and jump to the roof, use a Wallride if you need to. Grind the roof, use the sloped end to launch up for the E.

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Tour of Alcatraz

Take The Alcatraz Tour

Skitch on the back of Ranger Ron's little truck and hold on until he stops. Tap down to let go of the vehicle. You'll notice some birds up on a ledge in front, use the quarter-pipe to launch and scare them away using a lip trick or a grind. Skitch again until he stops for a second time. You'll notice some barrels on a low wall nearby, grind the wall to knock them off. Skitch the truck again for the last time. When it stops you'll see a load of tourists laying on the ground and Ranger Bob on the edge of a high drop, ride up and knock him over.

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Revert Tricks

Revert Madness

Step 1: Launch up a quarter-pipe and as you come down to land do a Revert.

Step 2: Same again but get into a Manual after the Revert.

Step 3: Do any lip trick on a high ledge and Revert to a Manual as you land.

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Knock Tourists into the Water

Dunk 30 Tourists

Easy one, there's a load of tourists standing by the railings along the waterfront, including on the boat. Knock 30 of them into the water by grinding or nudging into them. As you go along people you've knocked in before will reappear.

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Distract Guards

Distract The Guards

You distract the guards by knocking over the green wheelie bins, follow the red arrow to each bin. Lastly grind the railing around the big foghorn. The bins on the way up the hill are on low ledges so use grinds to save time. After that grind across the fat pipe onto the bench, then through the gap in the wall via another fat pipe. Grind the planters, ollying the gaps towards the foghorn. Watch the video for a better explanation.

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Trick over the Bulldozer

Semi Flip The Bulldozer

The Semi Flip is a special trick, so build up your special meter before you make a move! The front of the bulldozer is shaped like a quarter-pipe, don't use this side. Use the rear end to launch over and do the Semi Flip while you're in the air.

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Find Keys

Find The Guard's Keys

The guard has dropped 16 orange keys around the area, pick em all up. Hop over the wedge of grass and grind around the curved ledge. Head right past Ranger Bob's little truck and Wallride up onto the wall on your left hand side. Jump down into the pool and grind it toward the key in the middle. Head once around then hop the gap, grind around the other pool and you're done.

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Get a Medal

Medal In The Competition

Use your combo skills around the competition area to build up a nice score. You need to place 3rd or higher to pass the goal. Watch the video for an example run.

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Pro Score

Get A Pro Score: 100,000 Points

Score 100,000 points within two minutes. See the tips page if you're not much good at combos.

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Rodney Mullen Technical Genius

Pull Off Mullen's Tech Trick

Launch off the kicker ramp and do an Impossible in the air, land on the roof in a Manual. Ride it to the end of the roof and ollie, do a Kickflip and land on the ground.

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Skitch with Ranger Ron

Ranger Ron's Skitch Launch

Step 1: Skitch on Ranger Ron's truck, tap down to let go just before you hit the kicker ramp. You'll fly down into the park area, use the kicker ramp directly ahead to launch out over the water. As long as you get enough distance you'll progress to the next step.

Step 2: Do the same thing again, but this time use a quarter-pipe either side of the kicker down in the park. If you get enough height you've done the goal.

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Escape From Alcatraz

Escape From Alcatraz

This one's cool, took a while to get it down. You'll be better off watching the video for this but here's a basic description. Grind down the wire onto the roof, head across the roof and use the quarter-pipe to transfer right down into the pool. Grind around the pools and head out of the area. Wallride up onto the wall on your right hand side and grind it. Back down onto ground level, grind the long curved fencing making sure to hop the gap in the middle. Head along the path into the yard area, get the tools in the area then grind the fat pipe on the left. As the pipe begins the slope upward ollie to get the tools in the air. If you time it right you'll get another when you land. Grind the quarter-pipe on your left, hop the intersection and carry on grinding inside the ruined building. Ride it around the bend then hop again into a grind on the railing outside. Grind the left hand wall down towards the ferry, the last tool is on the ferry itself. If you miss it on your way past there's a narrow sloped walkway on the back of the ferry to get up there.

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Jail Cell Voices

Nail The Tricks They Yell Out

Simple one. Just roll back and forth between the quarter-pipes doing vert tricks listed on the screen (vert tricks meaning you do them while you're in the air).

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Bullseye Launch

Bullseye Launch

Reminds me of that target game in Super Monkey Ball. Roll along the ramp, try to stay in the middle and pop an ollie just before you reach the end. You should get at least 50 points each turn which is more than enough. You need to score 400 points in 10 turns. When you pass 400 you still have to use up your remaining turns.

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Alcatraz Pro Goals

Bam Margera's Goal

Bam Margera (Pro Specific Challenge)

Step 1: Ride the shopping cart down the switchbacks, through the tunnel in the building and down to the water's edge on the pier. If you have trouble, keep your finger off the ollie button (accelerator) to go slower and take the corners wide. These tips apply to the next 2 steps as well.

Step 2: Similar to the first step only this time there are little hurdles you need to ollie over. At the bottom of the switchbacks you can't go through the tunnel because it's blocked off. Instead go through the gutter half-pipe on the right.

Step 3: Same route as step 1, but this time you'll have to weave left and right through the gates. Definitely don't hold down the ollie button for this, you want to go as slow as you can.

Step 1 Video (898Kb)
Step 2 Video (1.00MB)
Step 3 Video (947Kb)

Elissa Steamer's Goal

Elissa Steamer (Pro Specific Challenge)

Step 1: You need to build up speed before you hit the ramp, so follow this. Head forward and grind the concrete slope next to the grass. From here jump into a grind on the curved handrail. Head up the sloped walkway slightly to your left, at the top do an ollie. You should get over the wall easily and hopefully land on some wooden boards in the courtyard on the other side. Do this again and again with the tricks listed while you're in the air.

Step 2: More straight forward this time, grind on the handrail to build up some speed and do an ollie when you're at the top of the big steps. For the second and third runs you'll need to pull off tricks in the air.

Step 3: Grind on the piece of metal fence and use the wooden kicker to jump all the way down into the drainage half-pipe.

Step 1 Video (1.47MB)
Step 2 Video (682Kb)
Step 3 Video (788Kb)

Rune Glifberg's Goal

Rune Glifberg (Pro Specific Challenge)

This one's kinda tough (especially when you're trying to record a video of it without making an ass of yourself).

Step 1: Build up your special meter first, then Spine-Transfer into the next pool while doing a Heelflip Hardflip in the air.

Step 2: Next up is a lip trick, get in the second pool and do a Blunt to Fakie on the railing around the watchtower.

Step 3: Get back into the first pool. On the building some kids are holding a plank of wood out of a window. Air up at an angle and do a Melon grab over it.

Step 4: Another lip trick called an Eggplant, this time right up on the roof (above the plank). This is pretty high up so have your ollie stat maxed, also for extra height make your ollie up there a Boneless.

Step 5: Spine-Transfer into the watchtower through its open roof.

Step 6: Pull off a 50,000 point combo in here. Use special vert tricks.

Step 7: Spine-Transfer back down into pool #2. While you're in the air pull off the special trick Backfoot Flip Nosegrab.

Step 7: Launch back up onto the highest ledge of the watchtower and do a special lip trick called One Foot Blunt on the guy who's holding out a skateboard up there.

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Sick Score

Get A Sick Score: 400,000 Points

Score the points within the time limit, as usual.

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Pro COMBO Letters

Collect Pro COMBO Letters

Grind the bannister on the right for the C. After rounding the corner ollie and Wallride up into a grind on the left hand wall. Use the lamp that sticks out to get onto the brown roof across the way and get the O. Grind along the peak of this rooftop and jump when you see the M down into the yard. Use the oncoming quarter-pipe to launch left and grind the roof, jump to the tower and grind around it for the B. Stay on that line, ollying the gaps when they come and you'll end up flying through a window for the last O.

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Pose for 6 Shots

Pose For 6 Pictures

The game pretty much explains this goal well enough. For the last 2 steps you need to get up on the prison roof, so use the door in the exercise yard. The flagpole is there, and use the concrete kicker off the edge of it to reach the towers.

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Manual the Switchbacks

Manual The Switchbacks

Manual back and forth down the switchbacks. Take the corners wide if you're having trouble, and keep your thumb off the ollie button so you don't go as fast.

Tip received from Jimmy: If you're having trouble manualing it, try flatland instead - headstand down the straight stretches and pogo around corners.

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Nail The Mega Combos They Yell Out

You have to do all these tricks in one combo, do a Revert to a Manual each time you land to keep the combo alive. It's best to go through the tricks methodically one at a time or it's easy to get lost.

Watch Video (590Kb)

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