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New Orleans Goals

Find the Jester

Find The Jester

The jester's riding around the streets on a big colorful float. Just jump up onto it and approach him.

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Spray the SPAT Tags

Mark Your Territory

The first SPAT tag is in the corner of the level, across the road from the big red drink. Use the quarter-pipe to get up on the building ledge. Next Spine-Transfer over the wall to the big drink and through the archway into the alley. The 2nd tag is in this alley. Next get up on the roof to your right, the 3rd tag is on the wall on the way up to the helipad. Ollie across the rooftops to where the water tank is, the 4th tag is on the back of the billboard here. Drop down into the alley where all the garbage is, the last tag is on the wall here.

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Grind the Tomb Skulls

Raise The Dead

This all takes place in the graveyard, there are 5 tombs that you need to grind all the skull off. These 5 are as follows: 3 flat graves, one along the left side and two across the front of the yard. Next there's a block shaped tomb with a quarter-pipe on one side towards the front-right of the yard. Use the quarter-pipe to get up there and grind the skulls off the corner. The last is the big curved tomb right in the middle of the yard.

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Sticker Slap the Riverboat

Riverboat Slapper

Along the road where the tram runs there's water, about half way down there's a steamboat. Get up some speed and ollie over the fence, do a Sticker Slap on the boat. Do this 3 times to complete the goal.

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Save New Orleans

Save Nawlins

You must have already done 'Raise The Dead' before you can try this. If you're interested in doing the Voodoo Doctor's goal called 'Tricycle Vs Zombie' do that first, because you can't after completing this. Go to where the streets cross, there's a big vortex blowing. Spine-Transfer into it, on your way down hold the grind button. You'll land in a grind on a metal circle, ollie and you'll fly back out. Head to the church and do an Airwalk over the statue using the quarter-pipes.

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Water Tower

Water Tower Slap

Get up onto the building with the sloped roof outside the graveyard by using the quarter-pipe. Use the kicker on the edge of the roof to launch towards the water tank and do a Sticker Slap on it.

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For the Birds

For The Birds

Get up on the roof across from the graveyard where the air vent is. Face the graveyard and you'll see 3 birds hovering in the air over it. Line up with the birds, Spine-Transfer down from the roof, cross the road and launch up the quarter-pipe. You should hit some birds, but probably not all 3. Repeat the process until you've got them all.

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Bust the Gas Lamps

Gaslamp District

Go to the area near the steamboat where there are benches with purple rails. Grind on the purple rails and use the sloped ends to launch up and grind on the gas lamps. You need 3 to complete the goal.

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Manual the Manholes

Manhole Manual

On the road between the graveyard and the church there are 5 manholes you need to Manual over in one combo. I recommend starting at the graveyard end. The first 3 manholes are in a straight line, point right a little for the 4th then take quite a sharp left.

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Spine Transfer Over the Street

Nawlins Street Spine

Get outside the graveyard gates and use the quarter-pipe to get up onto the roof opposite, the one with the air vent. Head straight across the roof and use a Spine-Transfer to get across to the next roof.

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Spine Transfer Combo

Spine Transfer Combo

Get up onto the helipad. Spine-Transfer over the edge, land in a Revert to a Manual to keep the combo going. Launch up the other side and do the same again onto the building roof. Finally land a Spine-Transfer down to ground level.

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Tag the Billboard

Tag The Big Billboard

Get up on the roof that overlooks the big red drink, use the quarter-pipe to launch up into the brick wall. In mid-air Get Off Your Board and climb the drainpipe up to the billboard and Spray it. If you have trouble getting enough height, do a Spine-Transfer off the other rooftop first to gain speed.

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Wallie the Tram

Wallie The Trolley

By 'Trolley' it means the tram vehicle that goes up and down one side of the level. Do a Wallie on the side of it.

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Special Guest - Jester

Break 3 Balconies

Balcony Breaker

There are a number of areas with balconies, but it's easiest to do this on the red building near the church because it has 3 floors with balconies. Use the planters with sloped edges under the green tarpaulin. Hug the wall, launch up and do a Wallieplant through the 3 floors.

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Acid Drop into the Big Red Drink

Drop A Hurricane

Use the sloped paving to ollie up and do an Acid Drop into the big red drink.

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Girls Parade

Girls Gone Crazy Parade

Get over to the corner of the level near the big red drink where the road starts. Pick up some beads from the box and wait for the colorful float to approach and jump on. You have to throw the beads at 5 sets of girls who are dancing on the side of the road along the float's travels. As you go along the sides you need to throw at are: right, right, left, right, left. You can do it all in one run but you don't have to.

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Secret Character - Voodoo Doctor

Neversoft Sign

Natas Neversoft

The Neversoft sign is the eyeball thing on the front of the graveyard gate. Use the quarter-pipe in front of it to get up there and do a Natas Spin. Hold it for 10 seconds and you're done.

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Grind into Signs

Sign Spinner

There are some big signs on the buildings, you just have to grind through them to make them spin. Use the quarter-pipe and grind left on the Green Goddess building outside the graveyard, you'll go through a sign on the corner. Stay on this line and you'll go through another on the other side of the building. You can get off now, use the stairway to get up on the building opposite and grind it's handrail for the last sign. The method in the video differs to this a bit.

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Superman Over the Garbage

Super Trash

Using the Voodoo Doctor get some speed and approach the alley full of garbage. Use the kicker to launch up and do any grab trick in the air. Land it on the other side for the win.

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Run over the Zombies

Tricycle Vs Zombie

This one has to be done while New Orleans is in chaos, i.e. after 'Raise The Dead' but before 'Save Nawlins'. Ride around on the Voodoo Doctor's tricycle and run into 10 zombies. They're all on the main road so they're easy enough to find.

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Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Team Challenge

All you've to do is have yourself, the pro and the jester do any special move in the church area. To do a special move you must first fill your special meter by doing normal tricks.

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New Orleans - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is on top of the big crypt in the graveyard. Outside the graveyard get up onto the roof of the building with the big staircase up the wall. Head straight across the roof and Spine-Transfer where the K is onto the next roof. From here Spine-Transfer down and you'll get the A too. When you land take a left up the road, use the quarter-pipe to get up onto the pink building and grind the roof for the T. Head up the road where the tram runs and you'll see the E on top of a quarter-pipe, launch up to get it.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

This one's a bit tricky, maybe even the second hardest thing in the game. Use the quarter-pipe to grind right on the purple-lit building and get the C. Use the edge to jump over the graveyard wall and land in a Manual. Air over the gap between quarter-pipes to collect the O. Instead of landing on the floor grind the quarter-pipe around and ollie out of the area into a Manual. Use the red sloped thing to collect the M and launch up onto the first floor where you can grind the bannister. If you slow down too much on the bannister use ollies and grind again. Grind it around the corner and get the B, ollie off down into the road and get in another Manual. Launch up the quarter-pipe ahead to get the final O which is hovering above it.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

Use the quarter-pipe to launch up onto the roof of the building with the red doorway near the graveyard. On this roof there's a thin structure jutting out over the front, ride up it and ollie to collect the tape.

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Smash 5 Crystal Balls

Smash 5 Crystal Balls

The first crystal ball is in the alleyway between a big building and the edge of the map, Spine-Transfer over the Humidity sign to get it. Head out towards the graveyard, but go down the alley to the left of it where the next ball is. Spine-Transfer into the graveyard and grind the back wall where you'll get the next ball hovering over a gate. Exit the graveyard and launch up onto the roof out front, the building with the red lit doorway. Go up the sloped roof and you'll see the next ball on the chimney. Ollie over to the next roof where the water tower is and use the quarter-pipes to get the last ball.

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Japan the Crypt

Japan The Big Crypt

Head for the graveyard straight ahead of you when you start. Spine-Transfer over the side of the crypt and do a Japan in mid-air.

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Collect Voodoo Dolls

Collect 5 Voodoo Dolls

Get up onto the roof of the pink building and get to the corner. Caveman onto the wire and grind it for the first doll (over the area with the plastic chairs and big glass). Spine-Transfer out of this rooftop area into the street, cross the road and launch slightly right off the quarter-pipe. When you're up high grind the rail for the next doll, jump onto the rail on the next rooftop for another doll. Ride the rail around the corner and jump off, as you approach the graveyard air over the gap between the quarter-pipes to get the next doll. Finally get onto the road where the tram goes, grind the first bench you see and launch to the right up onto the electrical wires. Hop right again and grind the other wire for the last doll.

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