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Airport Secret Tape

Find The Secret Tape

Head to the end of the level where all the flags are, go to the right hand side where the US flag is. Use the curve on the wall to launch up and grind the red rail to the right. You should have enough air to make it onto the top railing, grind it around until you reach the tape.

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Stop the Airport Pickpockets

Stop The Pickpockets

Thieves are operating in the airport, time to take out the trash. From the start of the level head forward, the first pickpocket is waiting on the right side so ram into him. Keep going ahead, get on the left hand side of the treadmill where the next pickpocket is. Head down the slope and into the bathroom on the right, two pickpockets are in here so get them both. Head through the pink lounge and down the escalator, make a right. In the distance you'll see the last pickpocket.

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Get the Tickets to your Buddy

Get The Tickets To Your Skate Buddy

As you start, grind the reception desk on your left to pick up the tickets. You have to take these to the end of the level without falling or you'll lose them. Don't bump into any guards on the way either. When you reach the metal detectors use the small slopes to jump over the top, or the tickets will be void. After going down the escalators take a left, your skate buddy is waiting near the far end by some seats.

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Air Over the Escalator

Airwalk Over An Escalator

The escalator in question is by the baggage claim carousel. There's a quarter-pipe on each side, use these to air over it and pull an Airwalk grab while you're in the air.

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Grind the Baggage Claim Treadmill

Crooked Grind Around Baggage Claim

Head to the baggage claim area. The quickest way to get there from the start is to hop over the counter on the right side and head through the baggage tunnel, go past the helicopter and down the escalator. Build up a bit of speed and do a Crooked grind all the way around the edge of the baggage claim treadmill.

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Grind into the Country Flags

Visit 10 Countries

Not to be taken literally, this goal is about grinding into the ten flags seen around the end of the airport area. There's are two red railings you can grind for 5 flags each, one on the left and the other on the right.

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Collect Airport S-K-A-T-E

Collect The SKATE Letters

Stay on the left side and head into the bathroom for the S. Head down the first escalator and into the bathroom on the right for the K. Go through the metal detectors and through the pink lounge, from the top of the next escalator ollie to the A. At the bottom of the slope turn left, the T is hovering over a quarter-pipe at the far end. When you come back down veer to the right and jump down into the lower level. You'll find the E down here on some cargo boxes.

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S-K-A-T-E Set 2

Collect The SKATE Letters (alternate set)

Use the curvy mound thing on the left wall to get up and grind on the lights for the S. Get down the escalator and do the same thing on the next one for the K. Head through the pink lounge, grind the escalator handrail for the A. Make a right at the bottom of the slope, you'll find the T hovering over a tall quarter-pipe by the window. The E is in this area too over a terminal station.

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