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School Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

From the starting point head down the steps to the schoolyard areas, half way down grind the wall on the left for the S. In the middle of the yard there are 2 footbridges, grind on one and ollie up for the K. The A is on top of the high wall in between the 2 funboxes. Either use the boxes or Wallride to get up there and grind. Carry on into the next yard area and use the quarter-pipe to get onto the roof of the low building there where the T is. The E is just across the yard hovering between some ground rails, grind them and ollie up for it.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Grind the wall for the C, ollie over the gap and grind on the next wall for the O and M. Ollie to the right to the next wall and grind for the B. Finally ollie left onto the quarter-pipe, grind for the last O and land it.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

From the starting point use the quarter-pipe ahead of you to get up onto the roof. Use the quarter-pipe up there to gain speed and ollie from the kicker onto the sheet roof. Swerve right and follow it to the end where you'll see the tape hovering in mid-air.

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Kicker Gap

Double Kickflip The Kicker Gap

Find the kicker gap in the schoolyard and do a Double Kickflip over it.

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Set Off 5 Fire Alarms

Set Off 5 Fire Alarms

From the start turn 180 and head down to the yard. On the way down grind the wall on the right hand side and Wallride to get the first alarm. The next alarm is over on the wall behind the big pool. The next is over behind the tall wall in the yard on the far wall. Follow the wall around to the bottom of the steps where another alarm is. Go up the steps and you'll see the last alarm slightly to the left on the outer wall of the big hall.

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Smash the Books

Smash The 5 School Books

The first book is up high on the ledge directly in front of you when you start, use the quarter-pipe to launch up there. After you've come back down grind the wall on the right for the next book. Keep going ahead and grind the left wall as you go down to the yard for the next book. The next book is on the wall of the raised area between the pools in the middle of the yard. Head into the other yard and all the way across it, on the quarter-pipe near the kicker gap is the final book.

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