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Vancouver Goals

Chapter 17 - Last Minute Tasks

Skate Tom's Part

Skate Tom's Part

Step 1: Do a Nollie 5 times. To do a Nollie first get into the nollie stance by hitting the left shoulder button twice, then use the ollie button. You can do this anywhere you like in the level.

Step 2: Do a Pressure 5 times. Similar kind of thing, only tap shoulder button once instead.

Step 3: Start a combo using a Nollie or a Pressure and rack up 25,000 points. Easiest way to do this is do the Pressure onto the bannister and grind it down onto the circular fountain. Ride it around using some modifiers until you've got enough points.

Step 1 Video (418Kb)
Step 2 Video (463Kb)
Step 3 Video (462Kb)


Filming A Line

Easy goal, just Get Off Your Board and follow the guy as he skates. Keep him in view at all times, turn the camera using the right stick if you need to.

Watch Video (755Kb)

Flatland Tricks

Bust Some Flatland

Step 1: Get into a Manual and tap in the modifiers listed on the screen.

Step 2: You need to get in another Manual and score at least 5,000 points in a combo. This is really easy, just tap in a few modifiers like Handstand, Pogo etc. It will notify you on screen when you can land it, don't leave the area.

Step 1 Video (1.33MB)
Step 2 Video (417Kb)

Leaf Blowcart

Race The Blowcart

Now this blowcart is one weird vehicle, the handling is terrible and you're prone to bobbling around a lot. It's like part vehicle and part hovercraft. Your best bet is to lay off the accelerator when you're making turns. Be careful on elevated walkways too as it's kind of buggy, you can easily go off the sides even through the barriers.

You need to drive through each of the leaf piles, they're in a reasonably obvious line. Use the red arrow if you lose track. For each pile you get through you'll receive an added 5 seconds on the clock.

Watch Video (3.13MB)

Party Thieves

Party Dregs

3 items have been stolen by rogue skaters, none of them are inside the hotel. Each of them have a skull logo above their heads so they're easy enough to spot. Leave the hotel through the elevator, there's usually one of the guys outside the exit. Watch the video if you have troubles, although the skaters might have different routes that they take I'm not sure.

Watch Video (1.37MB)

Slam City Stickers

Slam City Fan

There's a line of 10 T-shirts in front of you, you need to collect them all in one combo. Ollie through the first and grind the pool. Ride it around the corner then ollie right to the wall and grind it. Ollie up into the air and Manual down the long slope to get the last few shirts.

Watch Video (439Kb)

Ralphie's Passport

Ralphie Got Busted

Step 1: Ralphie's been busted and his passport's missing, sounds like a job for the blowcart. Follow the red arrow to the gardener so you can get the cart. You need to drive the cart through 6 leaf piles, each pile has a flashy green icon over it. Head forward some way then make a left, you'll see 3 of the piles in a straight line so get them. Head down the other side of the raised steps area, get the 2 piles around the circular fountain. Finally drop down into the bowl area to get the last pile.

Step 2: Ralphie is up on a balcony on the big building in front of you. Go to the left side a little and use the quarter-pipe at the base to launch up. Climb the ladder made of towels to reach him.

Step 1 Video (1.12MB)
Step 2 Video (459Kb)


Impress The Reporter

Just get a 50,000 point combo anywhere in Vancouver. The place is great for this kind of thing so no worries, include a special trick like a McTwist to build up your score faster.

Watch Video (508Kb)

Guest Passes

Return The Guest Passes

There are 14 guest passes in a line, you need to collect all of them. Grind the bannister down to the ground, cross the road and grind the planters to the left. Use the quarter-pipe ahead to launch up and grind to the right. Hop the area separating the pools and carry on grinding. As you start to go around the bend ollie down into the next pool below and grind. As you collect the pass ollie over the edge and cross the road. Collect the pass in the bowl area, make a right and carry on down the road. Grind the wall on the right side where the guest pass is, the angled edge will send you across to the left side. Carry on down a little further and grind on top of the brown quarter-pipe. Ollie up and grind on the edge above you where the water is coming from, this line will take you onto the museum where the last pass is.

Watch Video (1.17MB)


Pick Up Everyone In The Limo

The limo handles like a fat chugging piece of garbage, use it to pick up the people you need to. Luckily our friend the red arrow is here to guide us and you get loads of time so this isn't very difficult.

Watch Video (1.89MB)

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Pro Goal - Bob Burnquist

Casper Handstand

Casper Handstand

Bob tells you about a new trick called the Casper Handstand. It's a special trick so fill up your special meter, then do the trick down the slope and go through the 3 markers.

Watch Video (548Kb)

Secret Tape

Secret Tape in Vancouver

Secret Tape

This tape is located high up above one of the big glass domes (there are 2 domes, look up to find the right one). At first it seems impossible, but you'll notice a bus-shelter made out of quarter-pipes nearby, this is the key. Go down the road and Skitch a car up toward the bus-shelter, Spine-Transfer onto the bus shelter's roof and launch yourself towards the tape.

Watch Video (651Kb)

Chapter 19 - It's Gotta Be The Shoes

ADIO Shoes

ADIO - Show Off Your Skills

This is definitely the easiest of the shoe goals, go for this one if you're eager to progress. Get in the pool in front of you and Spine Transfer into the next. Turn left 90 degrees and spine again into the next pool. Head across to the other side and do a final Spine Transfer into the pool below.

Watch Video (503Kb)

VANS Shoes

VANS - Whoop It Up For The Crowds

There are 3 groups of kids to find, they're all pretty close together. You need to score at least 5,000 while near each group.

Step 1: Head across the road and past the planters. The shoe collectors are in this area. Slow down and pull a Manual, bust some flatland tricks near them.

Step 2: The next group, the local skaters are down on the hockey rink. Use some flatland tricks again.

Step 3: The last group, the old school punks are in the Hawk Bowl. Use vert tricks on the bowl to score the points, if your special bar is full a single McTwist will do it.

Watch Video (960Kb)


CIRCA - Pass The Test

This all takes place on the hockey rink, you have to collect the CIRCA letters in order in a single combo. Note that the walls you'll be grinding on have angled edges, if you follow these you won't go far wrong. Start by grinding the wall on your left for the C. Ollie from the wall into a Manual for the I. Grind the next wall directly ahead for the R. Ollie straight over the goalmouth and carry on grinding the next wall for the second C. When the wall runs out Manual across the rink in a straight line onto the wall in the opposite corner. Grind the wall for the last letter, A.

Watch Video (510Kb)

ES Shoes

ES - Kill The Score Spots

This is the hardest of the shoe goals, you have to do three 20,000 point combos in a row. If you goof one up you fail the goal and have to start again. It's pretty much up to you how you score these combos. For the second one the easiest way is to grind around the circular fountain that you start next to, shuffle through a load of modifiers on your way around. See the video for this and other ideas.

Watch Video (1.67MB)

Collect Your Stuff

Get The Moscow Trip

Step 1: Ollie through the fountain ahead of you and follow the road to your socks. Follow the red arrow toward your shoes, use the quarter-pipe to launch up onto the building.

Step 2: Do a hard left turn as you start and follow the red arrow to your trophy. The tropy is up on a walkway, you can either take the steps or use the quarter-pipe to get up there. Once you've got the trophy follow the red arrow down the road to the green marker. Well done comrade, you're on the way to Moscow.

Step 1 Video (748Kb)
Step 2 Video (761Kb)

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