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Finale Goals

Chapter 26 - The Video To End All

Train Station Spine Transfers

Jersey Spine Trickspot Challenge

Do all the tricks while popping a Spine Transfer over the train station. You get plenty of air doing this so you can nail two tricks each time. There's a left side and a right side you can Spine Transfer over, use them both in a circular pattern. As you land, lay off the acceleration and swerve around to the other side of the ramp. It's a bit awkward but not so bad once you get the hang of it. If you fall off you should restart (hit the Start button then select "Retry Last Goal") because it'll take too long to get back up there.

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Collect 44 THUG Marks

Big Apple Spot Challenge

One of my personal faves. The 44 icons are in a line, but it's not immediately obvious and takes a little figuring out. Head along the Waterfront and use the anchor to get up onto the electrical wires. Take it slow on the anchor, it's easy to overshoot. From there get the ones in 78 Water. Some of them are up on lamp posts, use the sloped concrete to grind up there. Head into Pyramid Ledges and grind around in there. Cross the road again and head up the slope into the red park area. Head down the other side, cross the road and get down into the little area under the freeway. Grind the barrier and into the Memorial area. Ride it all the way around and onto the railings. Get back down into the area underneath the freeway and grind along the cars. Head straight across the road again and along the big dark building. Round the corner and get the last 2 along the construction area. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation!

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THPS Challenge

Florida THPS Challenge

This is a little tough since you need to do 4 combos in a row, if you goof one you've failed the goal. The first 2 present you with a quarter-pipe, use it to start your combo with a decent spin trick. As always, grinds and manuals are your friends, shuffle through modifiers to rack up good points. The last step is more restrictive since you can't Manual, that's ok though you only need 10,000 points. Hop onto the planter next to you and grind it around in circles, shuffle through modifiers until you've scored enough.

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Ramp Transfers

San Diego Transfer Challenge

There are eight ramp-to-ramp transfers to nail, they're marked with a THUG icon and a camera guy standing there. The first is in front of you as you start, transfer from the lower ramp to the left up onto the higher area. Swerve around 180 and cross the road where you'll see the next one. Head back down the road and follow the corner, the next 2 transfers are in the building immediately to your right. Once inside the building use the lower quarter-pipe to get up onto the higher level. Then transfer back down on the opposite side. Head back out of the building and turn right, follow the road through the archway. You'll see the next transfer on the archway up ahead. As you land follow the road to the right. Further on you'll see the next 2 transfers which are over sets of steps outside the theater. The last transfer is inside the theater over on the distant right, the second ramp is up on the roof. If you try to control your direction yourself it can be tricky. However you'll see a wall leading up to the ramp which curves into the ground. If you grind on this wall and ride directly onto the ramp you are lined up to land properly on the roof.

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Hawaii Spine Transfers

Hawaii Huge Spine Challenge

I think my choice of pro for this goal might have been a bad one, it was a struggle to get enough air on the way up the building. I had to fill my special meter before he would even make it. Roll off the edge of the roof and do an Acid Drop onto the quarter-pipe below. Roll across and launch up the side of the next building, Spine-Transfer into the little pool on its roof and spine again out the other side. The last ramp to spine over is the little wooden one on the ground up ahead, you should slow down before you hit it. It's easy to fly off to the side if you're going full speed. Note that you don't have to do all this in one combo.

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Vancouver Spine Transfer Challenge

This is a two-part goal. Firstly do a Spine Transfer over the 3 THUG icons. Next do a 100,000 point combo within the time remaining. This is pretty straight-forward stuff at this stage in the game.

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Moscow Tapes

Get The Tapes

A simple matter of collecting the tapes, you don't need to do this in a combo. Grind the low ledge on your right. Once you have the first tape ollie up onto the wall and continue grinding. Hop over the intersection and carry on grinding around the bend. Jump across the walkway and grind the right hand side. From here get up onto the electrical wires, ride it over the christmas tree and down onto the ground. Launch up the quarter-pipe just to the left of the doorway for the last tape.

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Chapter 27 - Showdown In New Jersey

Beat Eric Sparrow

Tear Up Eric's Best Line

Basically you have to follow Eric around New Jersey collecting any THUG icons he leaves behind. Once in a while he'll drop a firebomb, swerve around it or jump over. For the most part this goal is easy, the only hard part is the bridge (on the way back over it). You'll need to use the small kicker to get up onto the electrical wires. Grind them onto the bridge framework, hop the gap and carry on grinding. When you reach the very edge of the bridge ollie into another grind on some more wires. If you time it wrong you'll end up on the ground. There are 41 icons to collect in total and you get a fair amount of time, there's no real pressure on you to keep up with Eric. Congrats you've beat the game, in your face Eric! There is however a secret level called 'Hotter Than Hell', which holds the final secret tape.

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