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London Goals

Get a High Score of 75000 Points

Get A High Score: 75,000 Points

You should be able to do this with your eyes closed by now. Literally.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect The SKATE Letters

Head forward a short distance, use the quarter-pipe in between the buildings to launch up and grind. Hop sideways so you land on the next roof. From here jump to where the S is hovering in the air. Head across the road and use the quarter-pipe to launch left and grind the ledge on the building. Ride it around until you get the K. Jump off the ledge and head down the bridge. Jump from the bridge to grind the lights line where the A is. Jump back to the ground, carry on to the water's edge. You'll see a sloped concrete walkway leading up the building, head up there. Use the quarter-pipe on one side to Spine Transfer up onto the roof. There are 2 pools up on this roof, a lower pool and an upper one. Between these pools the T is hanging high in the air. Get up into the higher pool, and ollie forward into the lower one to collect the T. Use a Boneless ollie if you need the height. Get back into the higher pool and ollie forward through the other side. You should land on a building's ledge across the way. Turn right and do a Wallride for the E.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect The COMBO Letters

Grind the wall where the C is, round the bend and used the sloped end to launch up onto the bus shelter. Grind the shelter to its end and ollie into another grind on the wall for the O. Take the bend and jump off into a Manual, ride across the road. Use the quarter-pipe to launch right and grind the upper ledge around the building. Staying in this grind will get you the M, B and the last O. Land it safely with an ollie back to ground level.

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Wallride Buses

Wallride Tag 5 Buses

There are 5 buses that go around the Lodon level, they're all red and look the same though. You need to do a Wallride on the side of each bus to tag it. Spin around 180 degrees as you start and head down to where the road ends by the white arches. Get 2 buses as they come through, get the one going around the roundabout then head across the big bridge for the others.

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Grab Trick over Policemen

Grab 5 Coppers Hats

There are 5 policemen scattered all over the level, jump over each one while doing any grab trick (for example Nosegrab) to get their helmets. There's one immediately in front of you as you start. Make a right and head under the bridge, the next one is by the fence at the water's edge. Head up the slope onto the bridge itself and turn right. Follow the road left and you'll meet another cop. There's another patrolling the other side of the road just up ahead near the grass. The last one is up in the higher area where the fountains are, across the road from the bus shelter.

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High Points Combo

Land A 100,000 Point Combo

If the goal name wasn't obvious enough, you need to land a combo that's worth 100,000 points or more. This may be difficult if you're new to the Tony Hawk series and stringing combos together. Use some special tricks and plenty of flatland, don't bump into anything that makes you lose your combo. See the video for an example.

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Rodney Mullen's Flatland

Rodney's Flatland Training

Step 1: Get into a Manual and land it.

Step 2: Get in a Manual again, do a Pogo then land it.

Step 3: Same again, add in a Wrap Around before landing it.

Step 4: You need a flatland combo worth at least 8,000 points. Get in a Manual and repeatedly tap the flip, grab and grind buttons in various combinations until you have enough points.

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Japan the 2 Fountains

Do A Japan Over The Fountains

Build up some speed and use the small slope at the edge of the fountain to launch into the air overhead. While in the air do a Japan. Do this over the other fountain nearby to finish the goal. Use Boneless ollies for extra height if you need it.

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Race The Cops

Race The Coppers Around London

The heat is on! Beat the cops in a race of 2 laps around London. The track is clearly laid out with bales of hay blocking the wrong ways. Slalom around the yellow barriers. On the second lap you have to take the right hand path past the white paying booth in the underground car park.

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Free the Elephant

Free Stompy! Destroy The Traps

This one's a bit annoying, grind the rope on each side of the traps to break them. You need enough speed to grind up and over the top, use ollies to give yourself a boost if needed. The traps are easy to find, just follow the road.

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Pro Score

Get A Pro Score: 175,000 Points

Score 175,000 points within two minutes. Read the tips page if you don't know about stringing combos together. Other than that you're on your own, it takes practice to build up your skills.

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Ghetto Tag the Light Cable

Ghetto Tag The SB Light Line

The Ghetto Tag is a special grind so build up your special meter before you try it. Spine Transfer over the wood ramp as you start, launch left on the quarter-pipe against the wall and grind along its top. After the bend ollie onto the colored lights and land in the Ghetto Tag. After the corner ollie the gap and land in another Ghetto Tag. Ride it around to the end of the line and land it. This is pretty long grind, if you've invested points into your Rail Balance stat it will help you out.

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Skitch on the Cops Bike

Skitch The Police Bike

Roll up to the police bike and Skitch on the back. As you're going around the two cops will try to hit you off, use the shoulder buttons on your pad to switch sides.

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Hit the Combos Listed

Nail The Combos As They Come Up

Move back and forth on the 2 quarter-pipes in the gap between the buildings. While in the air do the pairs of tricks listed on screen.

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Flatland Tricks

Land The Flatland Tricks As They Appear

Time for some more flatland. Get into a Manual and tap in the tricks that appear on the screen. You don't have to do this in one combo, the tricks appear too slowly.

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Flatland Competition

Medal In The Competition

This competition is all about the flatland as well, there's nothing to trick on in the competition area just flat ground. Get in a Manual and tap in tons of modifiers. Land it when the bar is getting too hard to control.

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London Pro Goals

Geoff Rowley's Goal

Geoff Rowley (Pro Specific Challenge)

Step 1: Head straight up the slope, at the top do an ollie. Pull off an FS Shove-It while you're in the air and land in a Nosegrind on the handrail down. Jump to a safe landing on the floor. If your ollie from the slope isn't reaching the rail, try using a Boneless. Repeat this another 2 times with the different flips and grinds. The last grind will be a special so you'll need a full meter.

Step 2: This step's pretty easy. Go down the roll-in and ollie off the edge. While you're in the air do the Inward Heelflip and Crooked grind the ledge you land on below.

Step 3: More of the same, but this time you need to trick out of the grind as well. Go down the roll-in and jump, do the Hardflip then Feeble grind the electrical wire. Ollie from the wire and Kickflip before you hit the floor. Repeat the same basic process for the next two parts, some slick fingerwork is needed for the last one!

Step 1 Video (635Kb)
Step 2 Video (800Kb)
Step 3 Video (869Kb)

Pro C-O-M-B-O

Pro COMBO Letters

Head straight forward and use the quarter-pipe to transfer right up onto the upper ramp while getting the C. Land in a Revert to a Manual and grind to the left for the O. This line will take you across a high wire, hop the balcony gap and keep grinding for the M. As you're taking the bend jump to the left and grind the other wire where the B is waiting. Jump down into the bowl and Manual across it. Spine-Transfer out and into the next bowl. The last O is on the far side of the bowl, launch up and get it.

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Grind American Cars

Grind American Cars For Parking Guy

You have to grind on four cars in the right order without losing your combo. The path you take is a general clockwise circle around the car park. The first car is white, the next is blue, next is black and finally another blue. These cars stand out from the rest so it's not too hard to see which you need. There's a low ledge running around the edge of the car park which you can use to get around quicker. Grind the white car and get grinding on this ledge. When you see the blue car, hop to the right and grind it. Don't go the ledge now, Manual across the floor to the black car and grind it. Get back on the ledge now, ride it until you see the last blue car.

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