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THPS3 Intro

Welcome to the THPS3 goals guide. The goals listed for you on each level will be slightly different depending on whether you choose to be a Street Skater or a Vert Skater. Also the SKATE letter goals may be arranged differently, depending on who your skater is.

Foundry Goals

High Scores

High Scores

There are three high scores to aim for: High Score (10,000), Pro Score (30,000) and Sick Score (60,000). The best place to rack up points is in the half-pipe, go back and forth pulling off tricks in the air. To score big in this game you need to string a series of tricks together known as a combo. When you land on a ramp do a Revert followed by a Manual to stay in a combo. See the tips page for more on putting combos together, you have to learn this stuff to get far in the game. There are also Special tricks which you can only do when your special meter is full, these tricks are worth more points.

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Secret Tape

Find The Secret Tape

From where you start the level turn right a bit and use the slope to jump up onto the walkway with the yellow handrails. Follow the walkway around and you'll be in a room with a big glass window. Jump through the glass and grind on the beam to get the tape.

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Molten Bucket Grind

Grind The Molten Bucket

The bucket comes in often to dump lava, it has a rail on each side of it. Wait for it to start pouring. Approach either from the sloped edge around the lava pool or from the quarter-pipe below and grind on one of the rails.

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Dunk the Foreman into the Water

Soak The Foreman

The foreman is standing next to a big pool of water. All you have to do is grind the fence behind him. You can get up there using the walkway or another method.

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Grind TC's Rail

50-50 TC's Rail

The goal video shows you pretty clearly where TC's rail is, it has a workman dressed in brown standing next to it. Approach it head on, jump up and do a grind without holding any direction.

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Cannonball Over The Half-Pipe

The half-pipe is dead ahead as you start the level, head down the big roll-in and ollie over it. Do a Cannonball while you're in the air and land safely on the other side.

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Unjam the Valves

Unjam 5 Valves

As you start, point left and jump down to ground level. You'll see a red flashy thing on the wall, grind the rail on it. Go around the wall of the building in a clockwise direction doing the same thing to the remaining 4 valves. This will unlock a room behind you at the starting point. There's nothing in there but a spiral walkway which leads up pretty high.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

From the starting position head forward and go straight down the big roll-in. Ollie over the half-pipe for the S. Just to the right you'll see the K, use the slope to get up there and grind to collect it. You'll see the lava pool has a quarter-pipe on either side of it, transfer through the air from one to the other to get the A. Head back the way you came, you'll see the T on a railing near TC's Rail. Head up the big roll-in next to the wall and you'll see the E hovering above a quarter-pipe, launch up to collect it.

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S-K-A-T-E Set 2

Collect SKATE Letters (alternative set)

Point to the left a bit as you start and get down to ground level, you'll see the S hovering above a quarter-pipe on the left wall. Head back the way you came up the slope, you'll see the K hovering here. Ollie back over the half-pipe, grind the green ledge on the right for the A. Grind the curved yellow rail on the back wall for the T. At the end of the rail you'll see the E waiting ahead.

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