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Manhattan Goals

Chapter 4 - Skate The Big Apple

High Score

High Score

The construction workers wanna see some skillz, you need to pull off a 45,000 point combo. Probably the quickest way to build up a good score is to use flatland tricks. To do this get into a Manual and use a ton of modifiers in quick succession (e.g. Handstand, Pogo, One Foot Manual etc).

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Hold-grind Combos

Hold-grind Combos

You'll see that you have 2 benches close to each other with a small gap in between and pairs of grinds listed on screen. Go back and forth doing the pairs, one grind per bench. You don't need to jump from one bench to the next, the momentum will take you. Just keep holding the grind button and change the direction of the thumbstick to change the type of grind.

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Student's Purse

Help The Student

The student's purse has been snatched and now her stuff is strangely scattered over Manhattan in high places. The first item's near where the goal starts, grind on the brick wall to your right and use its sloped end to launch up high and collect it. Carry on down the road until you reach the edge of the level, you'll see the next item hovering above a quarter-pipe. Take a left and follow the road to the waterfront, the next item is on top of a banner here. Use the quarter-pipe on the other side to get up onto the banner and grind to the item. Follow the road along the waterfront up to the big blue building covered in glass. On the left hand side of the building there's a quarter-pipe, use it to get up onto the building and grind along to the next item. Leave the area and head down the smaller road in between two buildings opposite. The last item is on the left hand wall, grind along the lip of the quarter-pipe and Wallride up to get it.

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Score in 5 Manhattan Spots

Kill 5 Famous Skatespots

Step 1: Firstly score 2,500 points at the Pyramid Ledges. A grind will do it.

Step 2: Next get 5,000 points in 78 Water. Again a good grind will do it.

Step 3: Score 6,000 points along the Waterfront. The benches are nicely lined up for this one. Grind them along with a trick or 2 and it'll be enough to progress.

Step 4: Get a 7,000 point combo at the Memorial. Get the points by grinding on the marble. There's also a little pool area if you find it easier doing vert tricks.

Step 5: Get 8,000 points in a combo at the Banks. Use the quarter-pipe on the left to do a trick with a spin, land in a Revert to a Manual. Do some flatland tricks if you need to and land it.

Step 1 Video (284Kb)
Step 2 Video (290Kb)
Step 3 Video (249Kb)
Step 4 Video (332Kb)
Step 5 Video (370Kb)

Destroy the Nut Vendors

Nut Vendors Unite

Vroom vroom, drivin' time again! Use your car to ram into the stalls selling nuts, handbrake is essential here for pulling off tight turns. Head straight down the road, the first nut cart is on the corner. Make a right and follow the bridge overhead, when you're near the wall skid right and take out the second nut vendor. Head up the pink slope, skid left and cross the road, go up the next pink slope and smash the vendor there. Follow the pink path around and down the other side, make a right and skid right to nail the nut cart there. Head down the road opposite where the stall was, skid left when you reach the junction to get the next stall. Head some way up the road and turn right into a crappy little alleyway where the next vendor is (lol why's he selling nuts THERE??). After you come out of the alley move to the left a little and the last nut seller is in front of you on the waterfront.

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Chapter 5 - Skating With The Locals

Film the Skater

Film The Local

This goal takes place up on the bridge high above the waterfront. Use the quarter-pipe on the left end to get up there. If you don't have enough speed to launch right onto the bridge Get Off Your Board in mid air and Grab onto the side of the bridge. Nothing much to this, just follow the kid as he goes along the bridge. Just keep him on screen and don't get in front of him.

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Banks Line

Hit The Killer Banks Line

It's dark here under the flyover, lucky these things are glowing so bright! Grind across the cars and jump into a Manual. Roll across to the curved ledge on the right and jump into a grind on it. Hop the gap onto the next curvy ledge and carry on grinding. Manual before you hit the floor and head to the 2 benches, they're nicely lined up to grind on. Lastly Manual over towards the quarter-pipe and do any vert trick on it.

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Burn the Car Out

Crash And Burn The Car

Awesome, more driving :) Just drive around the streets and try to keep your speed up. As always, use the handbrake to make cornering easier. When the car catches on fire head to the ramp near the waterfront and watch it fly into the water.

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Get Some Nuts

Help The Local Skater

Step 1: The guards outside the building all want some nuts, get to it quickly! Follow the red arrow each time to a nut vendor and follow it back again to the guard. It's pretty straight forward, time shouldn't be an issue unless you're really slow. Use grinds to keep up your speed.

Step 2: Once you're inside the building you need to fill up your special meter and do a Nut Buster.

Step 1 Video (2.61MB)
Step 2 Video (199Kb)

Burning Taxi

Gap The Burning Taxi

You'll notice there's a taxi on fire and a big list of tricks on the screen. Ollie over the taxi and do a trick off the list each time until the list is empty. The location is a bit awkward so don't go too fast.

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Chapter 6 - Favors For A Ride

Combo for 50,000

Help Stacy's Relative

Stacy's relative seems annoyed, show him the magic of skating with a 50,000 point combo anywhere inside his building. If you know your stuff by now this won't be too hard, watch the video for a rough idea if you're stuck. As always, use a Manual to keep your combo going across the floor. Use a Revert to a Manual when you come down from a quarter-pipe.

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Old School Skating Tricks

Old School Skating Techniques

Step 1: Do a No Comply 5 times. This is done by holding up and ollie at the same time. These aren't so useful, you'll mostly see them when you're trying to do a Boneless.

Step 2: Just do a No Comply over the flashing road barrier.

Step 3: Do a No Comply onto the bench but land it in a Manual. Ollie and do any flip trick (for example a Kickflip) back onto the ground. This is a little fiddly but no real problem.

Step 4: Do a Boneless 5 times, press up twice and ollie to do these. Remember this trick, it's useful to get bigger air than you can with a regular ollie. It also makes a cool noise.

Step 5: Boneless over the wall. Easy as long as you can do the Boneless properly.

Step 6: Boneless up the quarter-pipe. Hit up twice just before you reach the quarter-pipe and then launch.

Step 1 Video (249Kb)
Step 2 Video (139Kb)
Step 3 Video (199Kb)
Step 4 Video (269Kb)
Step 5 Video (168Kb)
Step 6 Video (222Kb)

Stolen Skateboards

Find The Stolen Skateshop Goods

There are 5 skaters going around Manhattan with big white skull icons above their heads, these are the guy with the stolen stuff. Get it back by just touching them. As far as I can tell their path around the level is random so a video would be useless. A common area they seemed to gather in was along the waterfront and the little area nearby under the flyover.

Pro Goal - Chad Muska

Moonwalk Five-O the Waterfront

Do A Moonwalk Five-O

This one's not so easy. Talk to Chad Muska on the left end of the Waterfront. Build up your special meter then grind the quarter-pipe to the right. When you get near the blue railing across the water ollie and do the Moonwalk Five-O. Stay in this grind until you land the other end of the waterfront, it's pretty long so pay attention to the arrow!

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Secret Tape

Secret Tape in Manhattan

Secret Tape

Turn left at the starting point and head down the road a little. You'll notice a big electronic roadsign with a ladder leading up. Climb the ladder, jump and grab, pull yourself up on top of the sign to get the tape.

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