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New Jersey Goals

Chapter 1 - Hometown Hijinks

Help Eric

Help Eric

Step 1: Pieces of Eric's board are somehow scattered over the rooftops, being a good friend you'll have to collect them for him. Jump and Grab onto the roof of the small blue building, pull yourself up and grab the part. Do a running jump off the other side of the roof, grab onto the building opposite and pull yourself up there for the next part. Do a 90 degree turn to the left and jump onto the next building. Run straight down the middle of this long roof to collect the remaining parts.

Step 2: Not being content with getting his board back Eric wants you to do some easy tricks. Get Off Your Board and jump over the barriers one at a time, hurdles style!

Step 3: Lastly run up towards the rail, jump onto it and press the grind button.

Step 1 Video (662Kb)
Step 2 Video (246Kb)
Step 3 Video (237Kb)

Charles the Dog

Walk Charles

Talk to Jason Turbo outside his house, the guy with the big dog. Charles the dog needs walking, so Skitch behind him and keep your balance for 20 seconds.

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Beat Eric

Eric's Challenge

Step 1: Eric wants to see a Melon. Launch up the quarter-pipe and while you're in the air do the Melon.

Step 2: Same again but this time do a Revert as you land. Do it 4 times.

Step 3: You have to beat Eric's score. This is pretty simple if you can string some simple combos together. The process is basically thus: Launch up a quarter-pipe and do some tricks while spinning in the air, land in a Revert to a Manual, go up the other side of the quarter-pipe and repeat until you run out of speed.

Step 1 Video (198Kb)
Step 2 Video (551Kb)

Join the Street Warriors

Get In Tight With The Street Warriors

Better get this one right, no one wants a knife in the belly! Follow the red arrow and hit the orange cones. Use the handbrake for turning, the real brake is only really useful for reversing. The street warriors car is one of the fastest in the game, cherish it for it gets a lot worse! Tons of time for this goal, no real challenge. The cones have a wide target area you don't have to be too precise.

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Flyers For The Muska Demo

You'll see a lot of bright green icons hovering above the ground, you only need to collect 8 so don't worry about being careful. Head down the street collecting them as you go then make a U-turn to the right into the next street where there's more of them.

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Chad Muska

Impress Muska

Talk to Joey, he'll tell you about impressing Muska. Follow Chad Muska's white vehicle until it stops by the pool, jump the fence and get into the pool. You have to get 30,000 points in front of Chad. Get in the pool and use the skills you've learned so far. Use the sides of the pool to get air and do a Revert to a Manual each time you land to keep a combo going. If your special meter gets full do a McTwist to give your score a shot in the arm. If you don't get it done in the pool Chad will move on to two other spots, follow him. When you're done Chad will tell you about getting sponsored, which leads nicely to Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2 - Impress The Locals

House Transfer

Impress Shawn

Step 1: First step is to get up on the roof, launch up the quarter-pipe and Get Off Your Board in mid-air, move yourself onto the roof.

Step 2: Build up speed and transfer across the gap between the rooftops. Do this by going up the quarter-pipe at an angle.

Step 3: Just Spine-Transfer back down to street level.

Step 1 Video (119Kb)
Step 2 Video (202Kb)
Step 3 Video (178Kb)

Playground Tricks

Demo The New Playground Setup

Get 20,000 points in the playground. Easiest way to do this is just use the half-pipe and do vert tricks. Each time you land do a Revert then a Manual to keep your combo going. Combos are the way to score heavy points in Tony Hawk games so it's important to master these basics.

Watch Video (371Kb)

Local Skater Joey

Impress Joey

Step 1: Launch up the quarter-pipe and do a Spine-Transfer into the trash.

Step 2: Same again but on your way down from the spine do a Kickflip.

Step 3: Go back and forth between the 2 quarter-pipes until you've done all the tricks Joey wants. They are listed on the right of the screen.

Step 1 Video (202Kb)
Step 2 Video (154Kb)
Step 3 Video (521Kb)

Chris' Lines

Do Chris' Best Lines

Step 1: Chris wants you to try his line. This means grinding on the structures that are flashing. These things are in a natural line as you'd expect and you can easily do it in one combo, although you don't have to. First grind the fence on your left, hop right and grind the other fence. After passing the gap, hop left to grind the other fence. Jump straight across the road and grind the fence, it will lead you around to the right and near the green bridge. Stay on it until the end, jump to the white wall up the middle of the road and grind. Jump the gap and grind the wall again to complete the goal.

Step 2: Similar kind of thing as the first step. Grind the wall on your right, carry on down the street and grind the next wall. Jump straight across the road and grind the wall all the way around the buildings. Ollie across the road again and grind the wall, hop to the right and grind the wall. Ollie the gap and grind on the decking outside the house.

Step 1 Video (462Kb)
Step 2 Video (802Kb)

Stolen Gear

Get The Stolen Items Back From The Dealers

Run down the road, before you get to the corner jump up and grab the balcony to your right. Run along the balcony around the corner and across the porch roofs. Jump the gap and carry on across the front porches. When you reach the end jump forward and you'll land where the stolen stuff is. Good job. Looks like that crazy cracker Eric is up to something though!

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Chapter 3 - Gettin' Outta Dodge

Metal for the Ramp

Get The Scrapmetal For The Tombstone Maker

Step 1: Follow the arrow down the road, climb up onto the small roof and grab the piece of metal. Do a running jump off the other side of the roof, grab onto the building opposite and pull yourself up there for the next piece. Do a 90 degree turn to the left and jump onto the next building. Run straight down the middle of this long roof to collect another 2 pieces. Turn left again and jump to the next roof for another piece. Drop down to street level and get across the road, the last piece is up on a porch roof so haul yourself up there.

Step 2: Skitch on the green car and ride it around. Let go when you're told and use the ramp to fly over the green bridge.

Step 1 Video (1.25MB)
Step 2 Video (790Kb)

Access the Train Station

Get Access To The Train Station

Talk to the security guard outside the train station, he's got a problem with letting you skate punks inside. Grind the roundabout around 3 times to get him dizzy so you can get into the station.

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Impress the Kid

Impress The Bratty Kid

Score 25,000 points without touching the street. This is a good opportunity to learn some flatland tricks (these are tricks you do while you're in a Manual). Get into a slow Manual and immediately tap the grind button twice, you'll notice that you go into a Pogo. Neat eh? If you tap the grind, grab and flip buttons in various combinations you'll shuffle through other tricks like this and build up your score. Keep your balance and do this until you have enough points then land it.

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Bum's House

Catch Ollie's House

Talk to the bum inside the train station, he wants you to pick up the 3 pieces of his house. The plot of this goal doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Regardless, grind the train track into the first green icon, stay on this line and you'll go around a bend to collect the other 2 pieces. Uh-oh, looks like Eric's in trouble.

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Eric's Kidnapped

Rescue Eric

Step 1: Chase after the drug dealers car, grind on walls to keep up with it.

Step 2: Ok I never thought I'd be taking part in a car chase in a Tony Hawk game, but we're behind the wheel! The car handles like ass but it's still kinda fun. Always use the handbrake to turn corners. It might take a few attempts to get used to the controls but it's not too hard. You just have to keep up with them, the chase finishes by the train station.

Step 1 Video (937Kb)
Step 2 Video (1.42MB)

Pro Goal - Mike Vallely

Do a Flamingo

Land A Flamingo

Talk to Mike Vallely, he'll be skating around with a shiny orange icon above his head. First fill up your special meter by doing normal tricks, then do a Flamingo.

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Secret Tape

Secret Tape in New Jersey

Secret Tape

Head over to the main bridge (the one with the green metal framework). Walk down the grass banking on the left and onto the concrete ledge running along the river. Head under the bridge to collect the tape.

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Chapter 23 - Keepin' It Real

Soul Skating

Create A Trick

Simple, get in the pool and fill up your special meter with vert tricks. When it's full do a Soul Skating while you're in the air. Be sure to launch up reasonably high as the trick takes a while to do.

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Combo the City

Combo The Entire City

You need to collect all 10 THUG icons in a single combo. Grind the wall for the first and ollie into a Manual. There's a kicker on the ground here that you can use to get up onto the electrical wires, if you miss it just stay in the Manual until you cross the road. Start grinding the wall for the next bunch of icons, ride it around the corner and across the back of the building. Don't take the next bend, ollie just before it and carry on grinding the fence. The line of the fence will take you back across the road, grind the fat pipe on the ground for the last 2 icons. If you don't land right on the pipe you'll need to Manual over to it.

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Chapter 24 - Spreadin' The News

Score 200,000 points

Score Big

You need 200,000 points and you've got 2 minutes to do it. You should be competent at stringing combos together by now so this won't be a huge challenge. As always, shuffle through modifiers when you're grinding or in a Manual and try to include some special tricks. One or two decent combos will do it.

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