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Shipyard Goals

Get a High Score

Get A High Score: 65,000 Points

Same old. See the tips page for scoring advice.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

Move forward from the starting point, go through the moving machine and grind on the curved railing at the water's edge for the S. Keep grinding the rail, you'll move onto a wire that takes you up onto a roof. Take the walkway onto the adjacent roof. Grind along the quarter-pipe on the left hand side and ollie the gap into a grind on the next roof. This line will get you the K and take you onto the roof of some small cabins, use the big wooden kicker to get to the A and drop to ground level. Follow the train tracks up toward the 2 quarter-pipes with a shack roof between them. Use one of the quarter-pipes to launch right and grind along the roof. Hop the gap for the T and carry on grinding the metal structure. Immediately after the bend hop right into the E.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Wallride up the cabin wall and grind on its roof for the C. Ollie into a Manual and use the wooden kicker to reach the O, be sure to stay on the left hand side of the setup. Land in a grind on the roof for the M, hop to the right and grind the railing for the B. When you're near enough ollie off the end for the last O, you should crash through some wood and land safely.

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Trick the Water Gap

Varial Kickflip The Shack Water Gap

You'll notice a hatch in the floor, use the quarter-pipe in front of you to launch up slightly to the right and land in this hatch. You'll enter the building underneath and fly off the kicker across the water. While you're in the air do a Varial Kickflip.

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Gap the Containers

Gap Across The Suspended Containers

Simple, stay in a straight path and Spine-Transfer from one container to the next.

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Grind the Buoy 5 Times

Slap The Buoy

Drop in from the start and ollie over the oncoming quarter-pipe, you're now in the buoy area. Go back and forth using the kickers to ollie up onto the buoy and grind the top of it. You'll hear a clang of a bell each time you grind it, you need to do 5 before the time runs out.

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Deliver the Welders Lunch

Welder Lunch Delivery

You deliver the food to each welder just by touching them. Head across the road to the quarter-pipe, launch up to the right and grind the railing. Ollie gap into another grind on the railing, hop right and grind the roof's edge. You'll go around its corner, after getting the welder ollie down. Carry on straight ahead and jump the gap onto the next roof, land in a Manual because you're likely to be out of time. Hold the Manual across the roof and feed the last welder.

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Collect the Rivets

Collect The Rivets

There are 21 rivets to collect, they glow a bright orange you can't really miss them. Grind the cable across the water for the first rivet. Ollie onto the oncoming wall and grind it, hop the gap and continue grinding. Ride it around a bend to the left, the end of the wall will have a sloped edge you can use to launch up higher. Grind the next wall then get into the first pool, grind along the left edge. After collecting the rivet ollie to the left and grind the edge of the concrete, timing this can be a bit tricky. Ride the concrete until it ends, head straight up the quarter-pipe to collect the rivet hovering there. When you come down head straight across the road and use the quarter-pipe to launch right and grind the handrail up on the walkway. Grind it around the bend, hop the gap and carry on grinding. Ollie down to ground level. Grind along the top of the silver quarter-pipe at the foot of the building. Ollie to grind the concrete ledge, hop to the right onto the ground rail. Lastly head into the freight container and use the curved edge to get the last rivet.

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Collect the Bones

Dog Chase

For some reason there are 5 big bones to collect. Grind the low wall around the building, making sure to ollie the intersections where the steps are. Do the same on the next building when you can see it, but jump off as soon as you get the bone. Head in a straight line across the ground for the next bone. The next bone is in the air, use the quarter-pipe to transfer to the right across the gap and land on the other side.

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Inventory the Containers

Inventory The Freight Containers

This would be a pain in the ass to describe in words, watch the video if you're having trouble with it. Basically you have to trick in or over each container, a Spine-Transfer is a good method for a lot of them. There are also a few with no walls on ground level where you have to grind a rail through.

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Get a Pro Score

Get A Pro Score: 150,000 Points

These are easy by now right? See the tips page and get more practice in if not.

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Collect High C-O-M-B-O

Collect High COMBO Letters

Head forward, use the quarter-pipe to launch right and grind along the roof. Hop the gap for the C and keep grinding the metal scaffolding. When you reach the edge jump down in the bowl on the boat. Grind the left hand side for the O, when you come to the turning jump into a Manual on the next barge. Spine-Transfer over the intersection for the M and land in a Revert to a Manual. Head up the slope for the B and jump into another Manual on the ground. Stay to the left, use the ramp to get into a grind on the track along the floor. Collect the final O and land it.

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Trick Over the Roof Gap

Bust Tricks Across The Rooftop Gap

Go back and forth between the 2 quarter-pipes, use the wooden kickers to jump the gap in the roof. While you're in the air do the tricks listen on the screen. If you get good air you can pull off two tricks in one jump but it's not all that easy. Time is a little tight, if you goof more than a couple of times you probably won't make it.

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Heelflip FS Invert

Heelflip FS Invert The Freight Container

Firstly fill up your special meter with a few normal tricks. The Heelflip FS Invert is a lip trick so go up straight and do it on the container. The container will start moving towards the next pool, drop down into it as soon as you can make it.

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Barge Competition

Competition: Medal The Barges

These bowls are great for good scores, use some special vert tricks like the McTwist, 360 Varial McTwist and Kickflip Underflip. Mix in some special grinds and flatland tricks when you run out of speed to get a winning combo.

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Manual Over the Train Carriages

Manual Combo The Train

Drop-in as you start, there's a flatbed train approaching along the tracks. Jump onto the train and land in a Manual, you need to jump the gap in between each section of the train and land in a Manual each time. If you're not too comfortable with the controls wait for the train to come around the bend and straighten out so you don't have to do any turning.

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Shipyard Pro Goals

Bucky Lasek's Pro Challenge

Bucky Lasek (Pro Specific Challenge)

You need to do a series of five combos, starting with the easiest at 10,000 points and finishing on 250,000 points. As you progress ramps will go missing and holes will appear in the floor. Because of this the last combo is quite hard. I recommend just going back and forth on the vert ramp doing special tricks, then a lip trick and some flatland to finish it off. Bucky has a few special tricks available, including the Bodywrap 540.

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Create-A-Skater's Pro Challenge

Create-A-Skater (Pro Specific Challenge)

Lights, camera, action. You have to do this whole goal in one combo. The tracks have a series of dynamite set up, you need to grind through each detonator but not the explosives. The detonators are green. Drop-in and grind the track dead ahead of you. After the bend, hop left onto the other side of the track. Jump into a Manual and use the quarter-pipe. Land in a Revert to a Manual to keep the combo alive and start grinding back the other way. Just before you hit the dynamite hop left, you'll go around a bend onto a new section of track. Jump in a zig-zag to set off 3 more explosions and use the quarter-pipe at the end to launch up. Do a lip trick on the helicopter that's hovering above.

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Eric Koston's Pro Challenge

Eric Koston (Pro Specific Challenge)

There are three steps to Eric's goal, all of them involve grinding a long wire. No need to transfer onto anything, just grind and hold your balance. Steps 2 and 3 have some upward slopes in the wire, use an ollie into a grind again to give yourself a boost up these.

Step 1 Video (790Kb)
Step 2 Video (603Kb)
Step 3 Video (632Kb)

Suspended Containers Transfer

Gap The Suspended Containers

The suspended containers are the brown ones hanging from ropes, they're a little higher up than the rest. Make sure to get your special meter full, it'll help you get better air. Build up speed in one of the suspended containers and launch out at a sharp angle to land in the other.

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Sick Score of 600000 Points

Get A Sick Score: 600,000 Points

More of a challenge, but still doable in one decent combo.

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Pro C-O-M-B-O Letters

Collect Pro COMBO Letters

This one's good ^_^. Launch right from the quarter-pipe for the C, land in a grind on the next and use the bump to get up on the roof. Jump through the O and get onto ground level, roll straight ahead and grind the low wall where the M is. Spine-Transfer up onto the oncoming brown building, head across its roof and launch up to the left. The platform you land on is actually like a little half-pipe so land in the usual Revert to Manual. The final O is on the other side of this platform. Pat yourself on the back. Watch the video for more clarity.

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Catch the Rat

Rat Race: Catch The Rat

This can be frustrating if you lose sight of the rat. Describing it in words would be tricky so check out the video.

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Lip Transfer

Liptrick Transfer

Ride forward through the container, use the quarter-pipe to launch up and do a lip trick on the crane above. The crane will start to move, when you're over the quarter-pipe on the other side drop down into it.

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