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Training Goals

Standing around the training area are a bunch of pro's who will give you small goals to get you started learning the moves. Typically you'll need to talk to them before you can do the goal. Most of these are so easy a braindead chimp could figure it out so some goals aren't listed.


Mike Vallely

Open the Door

Open The Door

Step 1: Grind the quarter-pipe to the left, ollie and do a Sticker Slap on the wall.

Step 2: Approach the red button, ollie and Wallride over it.

Step 1 Video (154Kb)
Step 2 Video (153Kb)

Bam Margera

Wallie and Grind

Novice - Wallie And Grind The Rail

Wallie up the wall with the graffiti on it and grind the rail on top.

Watch Video (204Kb)


Spine Transfer The Funbox

Step 1: Ride up the side of the funbox at speed, ollie and on your way up do a Spine-Transfer into the grey pool on the other side.

Step 2: The idea here is that you want to transfer over the corner of the box, so that you come down on a 90 degree angle to the way you went up. Approach the quarter-pipe at a 45 degree angle (to the left) and do a Hip Transfer.

Watch Video (201Kb)
Watch Video (242Kb)


Do A Real Combo

Launch up the quarter-pipe and do any grab trick in the air (for example a Nosegrab). When you land do a Revert into a Manual then land it.

Watch Video (331Kb)

Eric Koston


New School Fun With Tomatoes

Pick up tomatoes from the box and throw 5 of them at Phil Margera, the fat guy walking around in his underwear.

Watch Video (434Kb)

Chad Muska

My 1st Combo

My First Combo

Step 1: Grind the quarter-pipe to the left, ollie to the rail and grind, finally ollie to the next quarter-pipe and grind.

Step 2: Same again, except this time hold left and ollie to the rail on the side, then ollie right to reach the quarter-pipe.

Watch Video (245Kb)
Watch Video (246Kb)

Tag the Posters

Tag The Posters

Step 1: There are 5 SPOT posters around the room, you have to Spray them. The first poster is on the wall on top of the large crates. Double Jump and grab on to get up there. The next is in the corner behind you to the right on top of a quarter-pipe. Follow the wall along to the big curvy wooden ramp, there's a poster on the wall at each end of this ramp. Keep going along the wall to the corner, climb up the thick yellow pipe to find the last poster.

Step 2: Last step is to tag the big poster that hangs over the pool of water. Double Jump up onto the crates, and jump across the water onto the platform. Climb up the ladder onto the ledge, walk over the edge while holding your grab button. You'll hang off the edge, shimmy across to the poster and Spray it.

Watch Video (1.21MB)
Watch Video (679Kb)

Skitch the Forklift Truck

Skitch The Forklift

Talk to Chad and a yellow forklift truck will appear, get behind it and Skitch for 10 seconds. Don't let go until it tells you the goal is done.

Watch Video (546Kb)

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Training - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is right behind you at the starting position. After you go down the roll-in the K is on the quarter-pipe directly to your right. Now head into the other big room, you'll see the T hovering in the air. Go into the alcove and launch up the quarter-pipe to the left, grind the pipe for the T. Keep grinding it around the corner, ollie to the next pipe and grind it. Ollie the gap onto the next pipe and grind for the E. Hop right onto the adjacent pipe, after grinding around the bend hop right again onto another pipe. Ride this one up its sloped end and ollie into the hole in the wall where the A is waiting.

Watch Video (1.04MB)

Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Collect the C by ollying the kicker gap, Manual over to the quarter-pipe and grind it left for the O. Use the end of the rail to ollie up onto the pipe with the M and grind it. Once you're around the corner Wallride up onto the pipe above for the B. Hop left onto the lighting and grind it for the last O, land it safely and wham bam shazam.

Watch Video (551Kb)

Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

Instead of going down the roll-in at the start do a Wallride on the right hand wall and Sticker Slap to the left off the chain hanging from the ceiling. Grind the railing around the corner and you'll get to the tape.

Watch Video (288Kb)

Benihana the Half-Pipe

Benihana Over The Half Pipe

Simple enough, use one of the sloped sides to ollie over the half-pipe near the start. While in mid-air do a Benihana.

Watch Video (198Kb)

Grab all the Skateboards

Grab All The Skateboards

The first board is at the start, as you approach the roll-in ollie to the right and Wallride to grab it. The next one is in the glass room above the half-pipe, just ollie from the side to get it. Use the quarter-pipe near the taxi to launch up and grind left on the high pipes. Ride it around the bend, ollie onto the lighting and grind again. Once you have the board up there get down. Ride past the kicker gap and launch up left again and grind. Ollie through the hole in the wall for the next board and grind the pipe on the other side. Grind this pipe all the way across the room for the last board.

Watch Video (1.00MB)

Break the Sprinklers

Break All The Sprinklers

This one's cool, probably the hardest one to figure out. Trying to describe it accurately in words would be a task in itself so you're better off watching the video. The sprinklers are all high up off the ground on the pipe system. Basically in the dark room there is a long line of pipes and one small hoop over the pool. In the bright room there are 3 larger hoops. The best place to start is in the dark room over by the taxi. Grind the quarter-pipe to the right and use the rail by the half-pipe to launch up and start grinding the sprinkler system. I'm guessing it can be done in one combo but it'd take great balance skills.

Watch Video (1.72MB)

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