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Carnival Goals

Carnival is a level you can unlock by spending money you've earned.

High Score

Get A High Score: 750,000 Points

Score 750,000 points anywhere you like inside of 2 minutes. Not too hard if you can combo well enough.

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S-K-A-T-E Letters

Collect The SKATE Letters

Head forward and grind the front of the food stalls for the S. Jump off when the railing ends and head straight past the benches. Hop over the wall and grind the wooden log on the other side, jump over the gap for the K and grind the next log. Go across the park to the ride that looks like a spinning black bowl, transfer across the 2 quarter-pipes in front of it for the A. When you land, use the kicker opposite to launch up onto the lower part of the barn roof. Turn left and ride across the roof for the T. Jump from the barn to the wooden roof that circles the competition area, grind it around to the other side where the E is waiting.

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C-O-M-B-O Letters

Amateur COMBO Letters

Grind the rail in front of you for the C, hop left and grind the wall for the O. Jump to the ground and Manual straight across to the next wall. Ollie up onto it and grind it around in a U-bend for the M. Land in another Manual and Wallride into a grind on top of the castle wall to get the B. You'll go through a window, jump into a grind on the barn roof for the last O.

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Bell tricks

Hit The Tricks And Ring The Bell

Head forward and turn left to where the car park is, there's a bell set up in between two quarter-pipes. Use these to transfer in the air and do the tricks listed. You have to hit the bell on your way across or the tricks won't count.

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Novelty Photos

Collect 6 Souvenir Photos

These souvenir things are all situated in front of something grindable, you have to grind behind each one for the photo to be taken. Head forward and grind the railing on your immediate left to get the Muscle Man photo. Follow the path around in a leftward arc, cross the road to the barn, grind the wall here for the Spaceman picture. Carry on going and make a left, grind the fence for the Superhero picture. Move on to where the portacabins are, grind the fence for the Fat Bikini Woman picture. Keep going but move over to the left, on the corner of the barn grind the fence for the Elvis picture. For the last one head over to the chicken pens.

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500000 Point Combo

Do A 500,000 Point Combo

Not particularly easy. Your best bet is to stay up in the bowl you start in for a while pulling off special vert tricks, then jump out and grind some of the fences below and finish off with some flatland tricks.

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Don't Boot

Try Not To Boot

Follow the arrow for this if you're not sure where to go. Firstly grind on the food stall, then head down to the other shops and grind there for soda. Head over to the Rockets ride, grind the fence and use its sloped edge to launch up to the arrow. Make a right and grind on the rollercoaster track. Keep going straight and use the kicker to get into the black spinning bowl. Jump out on the opposite side and head over to the ferris wheel, get some air and do a lip trick on a carriage until you reach the top. Drop down and head to the front of the Cups ride, head up its slope and grind the fence where the arrow is to finish.

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Get A Medal In The Comp

Medal The Competition

Like in other competitions, use your skills to whip up a high score.

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Pro COMBO Letters

Grind the fence in front of you for the C, jump off as soon as you get it into a Manual. Swerve around to the right and launch up the base of the Thundercups ride where the O is hovering. Land in a Revert to a Manual and head through the opening in the barn under the green banner, grind the low ledge on the right for the M. On the other side Manual over to the castle and grind the fence around to the left. Manual up toward the sheep pens for the last O.

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Bring Down the Banners

Help Tear Down The Competition

There are 4 banners hanging over the area, use the quarter-pipes to launch up and do a lip trick on each one, hold the trick a while until it tells you to let go. Some of the banners are hanging at an angle so you'll have to use the quarter-pipes at a certain place.

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Grind the Coaster Track

Grind The Whole Coaster

Wait for the coaster to be just behind you so that you won't hit it on your way around. Grind the track all the way to the bottom, when you hear the camera click it means you're done, so jump off.

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900 on the Rocket Ride

Nail A 900 On The Rocket Ride

The easiest way to do this is to build up your special meter with some flatland tricks before you even get on the ride. Use the slope to jump into one of the rockets, somewhere near the top use the curved edges to get air and do the 900.

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Tickets for Rides

Collect 10 Ride Tickets

Drop in and Spine-Transfer over the next 2 obstacles. Jump into a grind on the rollercoaster track, hop off again just after rounding the corner. Grind the outer wall on your right, follow it behind the portacabins and onto the Rocket ride. Hop down to the left to get the 7th ticket. Pick up the 8th and swerve around to your left, use the kicker to get up onto the castle. The last ticket is on the opposite side of the bowl.

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