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Tampa Goals

Chapter 7 - With Syrup Or Jelly

Take Down the Stickers

Remove All The Stickers

There are 5 flashy stickers of various sizes on the walls around the place, you've got to take them down by doing a Wallride on each one. To do a Wallride you've got to approach a wall at a shallow angle, then ollie into it and hit the grind button.

The first sticker is right in the corner next to the strip club, head back up the street. Use the wooden kicker where you started out to launch up and Wallride the sticker that's high up on the wall. Go across the street you'll see the next one on the building opposite. Again use a wooden kicker and Wallride to get it. Turn left and follow the gutter. The next sticker is a long one on the small L shaped building in front of you. Make a left after getting it but come back near the buildings don't follow the road. You'll see the last sticker on a wall some way ahead.

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Donuts for the Cops

Get The Best Donuts

Man down, donuts requested. I repeat - we need donuts. There are 12 donuts around the level in a fairly obvious line, you've got to collect them all. The first is between the blue dumpsters over on the left. Grind up the plank of wood over the fence to the left, go up the side of the half-pipe and grind to the left. Head out the other side of the area, collect the donut and cross the road. Turn left and ollie to collect the next donut. Grind the benches and onto the roadblock. Keep heading in that direction, use the quarter-pipe next to the building to launch up and grind left across the roof. Stay on this heading, grind the ledges on the ground along the bottom of the grass banking. Collect the donut by the table and carry on down towards the water. Spine-Transfer over the little shack that says 'Wakeboard Club'. Launch up the quarter-pipe on the other side for the last donut.

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Bandit's Cash

The Skateboarding Bandit

ohz n0z! Some fiend has been stealing money from the bank, you've got to collect the cash within a tight time limit. Grind the fence on your right hand side, follow it around the corner. You'll fall onto a rooftop so grind that too. Jump off the edge and grind along the ledges on the ground. Your time has run out by now so you have to stay in a combo. Hop to the next ledge and grind it. Jump off the end into a Manual, swerve a bit to get the cash then launch up the quarter-pipe for the last note.

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Help The Private Eye

Step 1: The car is on the grass opposite the strip club. The quickest way to do the grinds is by using a Caveman. It's also handy to note there's a button on your controller to swing the camera around 180 degrees. On Gamecube it's the left shoulder button. Do 5 grinds on the car to continue to the next steps.

Step 2: Head up one side of the quarter-pipe at an angle, do a Kickflip in the air as you're flying over the awning and land it the other side.

Step 3: There are 4 people to visit with the dry cleaning and the clock is ticking. Each person you see will add another 10 seconds to your allowed time. Follow the red arrow to the people, they're clearly marked with green icons over their heads. It's handy to Get Off Your Board and run when you're near a person, it makes turning around much quicker. Also use grinds where you can to pick up speed. Watch the video if you need more help.

Step 1 Video (637Kb)
Step 2 Video (201Kb)
Step 3 Video (1.93MB)

Cop Chase


Eric's out of jail at last, time for some payback. Mayor Jed's up for re-election, make sure it doesn't happen by grinding on his signs. Yea, that'll show him.

Step 1: The signs all have a big green fist icon hovering over them to help you out. The first one is right where you start the goal, it's hanging over a big entrance. Use the quarter-pipe on the right and grind left over the sign. Make a left and follow the road, you'll see the next one in the distance. Use the concrete kicker to launch up and grind Jed's next sign. If you have trouble where you go into a Wallride instead of the grind then Get Off Your Board in mid-air first. The next sign is over on the grassy area to your left as you land. Follow the gutter up the road and you'll see the next sign on a grassy banking by some trees. Follow the road left and you'll see the last sign on the corner.

Step 2: Now the cops are really onto you, this calls for some driving! This is basically 2 laps around the block, follow the red arrow and make sure you hit or get near the green arrows on the road. Cop cars will come from the side and try to block your path, stay to the left for this. They're the same each time so just memorise it if you fail. On the second lap it's best to use the path on the other side of the gutter as that's where the green arrow is. On the last corner you take a right turn and use the ramp into the water.

Step 1 Video (1.29MB)
Step 2 Video (1.93MB)

Chapter 8 - Grease The Pros

Party Boat

Party Boat Skate Tricks

Head over to the water, Bam's waiting there with his party boat. Only problem is the party's sucking, get on the half-pipe and pull off a load of tricks to liven things up. All the tricks are basic but there are a lot of them. The ramp isn't very wide either it's easy to come off, so concentrate!

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Raising Bridge

Wallplant Combo

Wait for the raising bridge to go all the way up. Do a Wallplant off it and as you're coming back the other way land in a Manual. Head straight down the little slope through the cones and land it at the bottom.

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Andrew Reynolds

Beat Andrew's Best Combos

Talk to Andrew Reynolds, he wants to take you to 3 spots where you have to get a 10,000 point combo or more.

Step 1: First area is the flat concrete area down near the water. Transfer in between the 2 quarter-pipes while doing a spin trick for some good points, land it in a Revert to a Manual then do some grinding.

Step 2: Bust a good spin trick on the quarter-pipe, Revert to a Manual and do a flip trick or flatland tricks.

Step 3: This could be kinda difficult since you only have one shot at it and it's pretty easy to fly off the roof. But stay in between the 2 quarter-pipes and you'll be safe. Also your special meter should be full by now so make use of it. Pull a special trick like a McTwist on the quarter-pipe and your points are nearly in the bag.

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Bowl Grind

Bowl Grind

You need to grind the pool and get rid of all the bottles. Start on the right, stay on until you've completed the goal.

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Prove It

Prove Yourself

Step 1: Do any trick with a 360 spin. Use a kicker and an ollie to get some air, while in the air hold left or right to spin and do any flip or grab trick.

Step 2: Do any 540 trick and land in a Revert. You'll need a quarter-pipe and some speed for this. A 540 is one and a half turns so you come back down facing the right way. As you land on the bottom of the quarter-pipe hit the Revert button.

Step 1 Video (129Kb)
Step 2 Video (192Kb)

Impress Tony Hawk

Impress Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk himself is hanging around, if you can impress him maybe he'll muscle you into the tournament.

Step 1: Easy enough, ride the half-pipe back and forth while doing the tricks listed on the screen. Some of them will be spins but you can easily get enough height to pull them off.

Step 2: Beat Tony Hawk's score. One good combo will do it. Get your special meter and include a McTwist in your combo for a real boost in points. Remember to land in a Revert to a Manual each time to keep the combo going.

Step 1 Video (761Kb)
Step 2 Video (679Kb)

Chapter 9 - Kill The Comp

Street Contest

Place In The Street Contest

You get three rounds of 30 seconds each to impress the judges, your best 2 count. As you should know by now the best way to high scores is to string long combos together. Be creative, you can go anywhere as long as you're inside the building. Don't worry too much if you bail, your high score is the important thing. If you place in the top 5 you qualify. If you're ubercool you can score 99 with the judges like me, eyyyyy! ^_^

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Vert Contest

Place In The Vert Contest

Like in the street contest you get three rounds of 30 seconds to impress the judges. But this is more straight forward than the street contest. Go back and forth on the half-pipe doing tricks. Be sure to use some spin tricks to start off with they add a lot to your score, I also recommend using a special trick in there like a McTwist. At the end of your combo when your speed is low you can do a lip trick on the edge of the half-pipe and use some modifiers for even more score. Of course always remember to land in a Revert to a Manual to keep a combo going (Can I stop saying that yet?).

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Get Onto The Roof Of Spot

Step 1: Firstly you need to get up onto the big roof. Walk forward, jump and Grab onto the low roof. Pull yourself up and do a running jump to the left, Grab and pull yourself up again. Climb the ladder.

Step 2: You need to score a 30,000 point combo up here on the rooftops. You are allowed on both roofs. The cables between the roofs are pretty long, if you can do a special grind along there you should net a lot of points. You could also fill your bar and start off with a special trick like a McTwist to get you started. The fat pipe in the middle of the roof is useful for grinding on. Whatever you do don't fall off!

Step 1 Video (553Kb)
Step 2 Video (699Kb)

Best Trick Contest

Win The Best Trick Contest

The contest starts off with 6 skaters. Every 30 seconds the skater with the lowest score is out, don't let that skater be you! At the end it comes down to you and Eric. The principles for this are the same as in the street contest, just score big from your combos. One good combo can win it, then you can just hang around and wait for the clock to tick down.

Pro Goal - Eric Koston

Yeah Right Manual

Yeah Right Manuals

Step 1: Fill up your special meter and roll towards the pool. Pull the Yeah Right Manual and make your way down through the 3 sets of cones. The cones are in a fairly straight line and shouldn't pose a problem.

Step 2: Skitch the car and get onto the right side. Just after rounding the second corner tap down to let go of the car. Do the Yeah Right Manual and ride through the 3 sets of cones which are lined up ahead.

Step 1 Video (457Kb)
Step 2 Video (1.06MB)

Secret Tape

Secret Tape in Manhattan

Secret Tape

Position yourself in the gutter facing the little building with a wooden ramp towards it. Use the ramp to get up onto the roof. There's a wire on the opposite side leading up to a tall building, you need to follow the wire. You can either do this with a series of quick ollies and grinds, or grab on with your hands and shimmy up slowly. Once you're up there, the tape is in the small gap between the buildings on your left side.

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