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Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Secret Tape

Find The Secret Tape

As you start the level swerve around 180 and go back up the quarter-pipe, grind the wire to the right. The line will take you over the main pool area and up onto the red funnel thing. Use the sides of the red structure as a half-pipe, the tape is hovering over the left hand side.

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Drain the Pool and Invert

Invert The High Wires

You first need to drain the pool to get this one done. Nearby there's a low white pipe with a valve on it (pictured), you need to grind this and the water will leave the pool. Get into the pool and build up speed, when you have enough do an Invert lip trick on the wires above. If you can't get enough height, try doing a Boneless ollie (or Fastplant, whatever your character's equivalent is. Tap up twice before you ollie). It also helps to have your Ollie and Air stats maxed, and to have a full Special meter.

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Noseblunt Slide an Awning

Nosebluntslide An Awning

Finding the awnings is quite easy, they're on the side of the ship near the ferry. Use the sloped railing to get up there and do a grind called the Nosebluntslide on the edge of the awning.

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Impress Girls

Impress The Neversoft Girls

There are 7 girls dotted around the ship, you can recognise them by their black Neversoft t-shirts. To impress each one do a combo worth a few thousand points near them. Note that you don't have to end the combo right by each girl, it's ok to just pass through. It's not easy to describe the position of every girl. One is by the main pool, another is by the lower pool where the wedding cake is, another is by the big glass window of the Museum, the rest of them are easy to find by going around the ship's lowest level. Watch the video for specifics.

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Raise the Ferry

Raise The Ferry

On the lower level of the ship you'll see a man messing with a lever on the wall. Ollie up and Wallride over this lever to raise the ferry.

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Trash the Museum

Trash The Museum

Jump down to the main pool area as you start then turn around 180 degrees. Enter the tunnel, it will lead you into the museum. In here you'll see a giant propellor held in place by two ropes. Grind the ledge through the ropes to set the propellor free, with disastrous consequences.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

As you start the level turn 180 and grind the wire down the middle of the ship for the S. Head straight ahead and use the quarter-pipe at the tip of the ship to air up and get the K. As you land turn to the right, you'll see the A hovering above a gap in the ship's side. You can either grind the edge of the ship to get it or transfer over the gap using the ship wall as a quarter-pipe. Head towards the glasshouse nearby, use the slope outside to launch up and grind the rails for the T. Head out the other side of the glasshouse, the E is here up on a wall. Either Wallride up or use the curved walkway to get up there.

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S-K-A-T-E Set 2

Collect SKATE Letters (alternate set)

The S is on a wall to the right as you start, jump from the higher level to get onto it and grind. Follow the line to the lowest level of the ship, use the quarter-pipe to launch and grind on the metal framework above where the K awaits. Head around the ship a little and jump into the red lifeboat, use the edge to transfer high into the next one, while you're in the air you can grab the A. Carry on past the lever where you raised the ferry, you'll see an opening in the ship wall where a net is, grind it for the T. Use the sloped walkway in this area to ollie to the E which is hovering over the ferry.

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