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Moscow Goals

Chapter 20 - Welcome To Russia

Pull Some Lip Tricks

Serve The People

Step 1: This goal's all about the lip tricks. When doing a lip trick it's best to approach the ramp head-on, or you could end up grinding off to the side. For this part of the goal just do the lip tricks listed on the screen one at a time.

Step 2: This time start off in a Nose Stall (an Invert isn't suitable). While you're in the trick tap in the modifiers you see on the screen. After all three have been done land it. Repeat this process three times and you're done.

Step 1 Video (981Kb)
Step 2 Video (817Kb)

Security Cameras

Blind Big Brother

Use the grey quarter-pipe at the base of the grey wall to launch up and grind to the right on the ledge. After nailing the first camera ollie over the gap and continue grinding the ledge on the next building. After the next camera use the bump to launch up onto the higher ledge and grind it around the bend. Ollie off the edge down onto the ledge of the St Basil's, after taking another bend ollie to the tower and grind it around half way. Ollie back onto the St Basil's and just ride through the little tunnel.

Watch Video (765Kb)

Caveman the Tanks

Ready For Battle

You need a 20,000 point combo which contains a Caveman onto a tank. I recommend starting off with it, run up to a tank and jump into a grind on it. There's a curved fence near one of the tanks which leads into a good line if you're stuck for ideas.

Watch Video (448Kb)

Over the Wall

Over The Wall

Step 1: Go back and forth on the ramps and fill up your special meter. When you've got a good amount of speed approach the red wall and Spine Transfer over it. This can be a little awkward, try to go through a gap between the pointy things on the wall.

Step 2: Grind along the ledges to hit the guards, else they'll beat you down like a dog. You don't have to get them in one combo but don't be too slow about it.

Step 3: Run up to the ladder and climb it. Move along the ledge to the right and grind the wire up to the bell.

Step 1 Video (355Kb)
Step 2 Video (848Kb)
Step 3 Video (575Kb)

Chapter 21 - Time To Skate Comrade

Manual Tricks

Manuals For Muskovites

Get into a Manual and tap in the modifiers you see on the screen, once all 3 are unlit land it. Repeat this 3 times to complete the goal.

Watch Video (865Kb)

Good Ratings

Ratings Stunts

Make a right as you start and go through the archway, drop down right into the area with the red walls. When the screen changes it means you're on camera, you need to rack up 60,000 points. You have quite a long area to do this in and it includes vert ramps, plenty of stuff to grind on and a wide floor for flatland tricks. The lines across the screen can be offputting but this one's no trouble if you concentrate on what you're doing. You don't have to do this in a combo, but if you're too slow the press will move onto a different area. First they'll move to St Basil's and then to the Armory.

Watch Video (596Kb)

Manual Tricks

Circus Act

More flatland tricks required here. Get into a Manual and shuffle through modifiers (such as Handstand, One Foot Manual etc) until you've racked up 20,000 points then land it.

Watch Video (410Kb)

Find Gaps

Find Gaps

There must be a bajillion gaps in Moscow, you need to find 5. Air transfers are the most obvious ones to spot so air over sets of steps, across archways etc. See the video for an example of 5 gaps.

Watch Video (1.12MB)

Double Tricks

Teaming With Eric

Step 1: Score 50,000 points. You can do this anywhere in Moscow, but if you're ok with vert tricks then it's easiest to stay in the half-pipe.

Step 2: Eric will be doing lip tricks on the side of the dome, you have to air over him and do tricks. You need to rack up 10,000 points or more from doing this, if you don't air over Eric (i.e. up on one side of him and down on the other side) the points won't count. If you fill your special meter you can do the goal in one trick.

Step 1 Video (455Kb)
Step 2 Video (501Kb)

Chapter 22 - Goodbye Sweet Moscow

Anonymous Caller

Anonymous Caller

Step 1: Looks like you're stuck in Russia longer than you'd hoped. Nevermind, some shady dealings should raise enough cash for the ticket home. The people you need to see are in a grinding line that zig zags all over the Plaza. Describing it would be biblical so watch the video if you're stuck on this part.

Step 2: Man, talk about longwinded. Do 15 Spine Transfers over the communications tower while spinning 360 degrees. If you do a 720 it'll count as two. If you fall off the building then restart because it'll take too long to get back up on the roof.

Step 1 Video (1.16MB)
Step 2 Video (1.73MB)

Pick Up Girls

Party Favors

Drive around Moscow picking up the girls, follow the red arrow. The car in this goal is one of the better efforts, the speed is alright and it handles ok. As always use the handbrake for sharp turning. Thanks to the red arrow finding the girls is easy.

Watch Video (3.54MB)

Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure

This is one long line around Moscow! Roll through the little tunnel and ollie off the edge, grind across the ramps and onto the tank. Get onto the concrete ledge on the ground and grind it around to the left. Grind across the two tanks and along the cannon of the 3rd. Launch up the quarter-pipe and grind left on the building's ledge. Ollie the gap right after collecting the item, jump from the drainpipe onto the building and then onto the metal pipe. This pipe curves up, use it to launch up onto the oncoming ramp. From here jump and grind on St Basil's, jump down to the curved ledge on the ground.

Ride the curve all the way around and grind over the bannisters. Grind the tank, then the concrete wall. Use the sloped edge on the wall to get up onto the roof. Hop right and follow the road, approach the building on your left where the security cameras were earlier. Grind on the quarter-pipe, use the bump to get up onto the higher ledge. Ride around the bened and ollie onto the curved St Basil's ledge. Grind the ledge and hop to the tower. Ride around the tower half way and back onto a St Basil's ledge. Follow the bend and ollie to the Red Palace's wall, hop to the right side of the ledge.

Watch Video (2.36MB)

Leave Moscow

Straight Outta Moscow

Alright, some night-time antics! Climb the ladder in front of you, walk across the ledge and climb the next ladder. Wait for the guard to walk past so he has his back to you. Jump across the walkway and down into the bowl, ride around the bowl to the right. Climb the ladder on the tower and walk along the ledge. Grind the wire a little and jump down to the left, jump over the wall and head over to the guy who's waiting for you. Follow the red arrow if you're lost.

Watch Video (1.39MB)

Pro Goal - Tony Hawk

360 Varial Heelflip Lien

360 Varial Heelflip Lien

Tony Hawk tells you about a new special trick, fill up your special meter on the half-pipe then pull a 360 Varial Heelflip Lien while you're in the air.

Watch Video (325Kb)

Secret Tape

Secret Tape in Moscow

Secret Tape

The tape is up on a ledge on the St Basil's building (the one that looks like a palace). Head up the sloped walkway on the left hand side, jump up the ledges into the base of the building. The wall in the middle has a sloped edge, jump onto this sloped edge. Just above you'll see a walkway with a railing, you need to jump towards this ledge and jump again (in essence a Double Jump). From here you can collect the tape easily.

Watch Video (490Kb)

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