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Airport Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is on the lighting near the starting point, use the silver curved slopey thing to get up there. The K is on the escalator grab that on the way down. The A is on top of the middle tree in the waiting area, climb the tree to get it. The T is on another light over the second escalator, ollie up there and grind to get it. Keep your speed and use the quarter-pipe on the ground to launch towards the big window, Sticker Slap it and you should get the E on the way back.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Grind the treadmill banister for the C, go into a Manual and ollie from the escalator up onto the long light. From here it's a case of grinding along these lights and ollying the gaps, the order to jump is right, left, right and finally straight.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

Easy one this, the tape is high up on a red rail in the big room with huge windows. It's at the end of the room with the USA and Australian flags. Use the quarter-pipe near the France flag and launch high to the right, grind the red rail until you reach the tape.

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Nosegrab the Chopper

Nosegrab Over The Copter

Easiest way to get to the chopper is from the starting point go through the baggage tunnel on the right. Get some speed by grinding and use the kicker to air over the helicopter, pull a Nosegrab while you're in the air.

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Nose Manual the Escalator Slope

Nose Manual the Escalator Slope

There are 2 of these slopes in between escalators in the level, I don't know if the goal is specific to one of them but I used the first one I came to. Pull a Nose Manual at the top and hold it all the way down. Be sure to land it at the bottom or it won't count.

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Destroy The Suitcases

Crush The Suspicious Suitcases

From the starting make a right into the baggage tunnel along the conveyor belt, the first suitcase is here right next to the helicopter. Head down the escalator on the other side of the helipad, the next suitcase is on the carousel in this room. Head out of the room and turn right into the toilets where the next case is. Head out of the bathroom and carry on through the building, the next case is on a conveyor belt at the next checkpoint. Head through the waiting room and down the escalators. The last case is in the room underneath so get down there using the walkway or through one of the gaps. You'll find the case on top of some boxes down there.

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