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Australia Goals

Boardwalk Grinding

Boardwalk Grind Combo

The boardwalk has 3 separate fences across its front, you've got to grind each of them and score 50,000 points in one combo. It's best to fill your special meter and start with a high score move like a McTwist. The best way to make it across the hardest gap in the fence is to grind the bench through the little building. Put some flip tricks in when you ollie the gaps to boost your score.

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Grind the Electric Pump

Drain The Tide Pool

There's an electric pump above the pool next to a railing above the pool, get up there and grind on it.

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Find the Shrimp Vendor

Find The Shrimp Vendor

There's a bathroom door near one end of the beach. You'll see the shrimp seller run inside, follow him through the doorway.

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Wake the Crane Driver

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Do a Natas Spin on the yellow fire hydrant near the crane, hold it until you see the cutscene.

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Find the Special Guest

Find The Special Guest

You must complete the goal called 'Wake Sleeping Beauty' before you can do this. Just head into the area the crane busted open and into the cave to find the special guest, an Aborigone in a go-kart.

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Interrupt 6 Meals

Interrupt A Meal Or Six

Use the sloped edge of the bench just off the main road to launch up onto the balcony. Ride through the 6 meal tables to complete the goal.

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Lipping The Mini

Do a 15,000 point combo on the mini half-pipe, the combo must include a lip trick. I recommend doing the lip trick last when you're running out of speed. Start off the combo with a special trick or 2 to get the points rolling in. Use some modifiers on the lip trick at the end if you're struggling for points.

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Cover the Girls in Gull Crap

Piss Off The Bikini Girls

These last 2 goals appear when you're ready to move out of Australia. Cover the girls in seagull crap by grinding the electrical wires overhead. Get up there by climbing up one of the poles.

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Beaver Blasts on the Workers

Piss Off The Construction Workers

You've got a new trick at your disposal called the Beaver Blast. The goal here is to do this move while you're in the air over construction workers. The 5 workers are all along the main road. One is walking by the fountain, while there's another on the quarter-pipe there. Another worker is by the crane, and another is about half way down the road. The last one is on a quarter-pipe on the corner of the road. For the workers on the ground you should ollie them and do the Beaver Blast. For the quarter-pipe guys you can just air over them and do it.

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Manual the Walkway

Balance Up And Over

Here you have to Manual up the slope of the walkway and down the other side. It's kind of steep so you'll need some speed, either use a nearby quarter-pipe or better yet grind on the brick wall.

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Biggun Transfer

Everybody Loves Bigguns

The biggun is a transfer from the upper level down to the lower level next to the beach. The starting quarter-pipe is just down the steps from the fountain, build up speed and launch off it at a sharp angle.

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Focusing On A Clean Double Flip

Head to the car park where 2 cars are parked side by side. Approach from the side and get into Focus mode. Ollie and land a clean 180 Double Kickflip. "Clean" means landing straight, not at all sketchy.

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High Acid Drop into the Pool

Jumping Without A Parachute

Go to the grassy area on the level above the pool, you'll find a ladder on the wall. Climb it to the top, run to the edge of the ledge and jump out at an angle. Acid Drop when you're over the pool.

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Fountain Statue

Kenny's Real Feelings

The statue in the fountain is called Kenny, he has a raised hand. Use the edge of the fountain to ollie up onto the hand and do a Natas Spin on it.

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Graffiti the Billboard

Tag The Big Billboard

Head to the corner of the level where the fountain is and climb up the fire escape ladders. Grind the wire onto the building ledge, hop the gap and grind the next building. Jump another gap and you're on the billboard ledge, Spray it to complete the goal.

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Natas Spin the Bins

Treasure Huntin' Hank

Hank is the guy on the beach using the metal detector, help him out (?) by doing a Natas Spin on 3 litter bins then going to see him. The first bin is on the corner of the road where you switch with the Pro. The next is in the middle of the lower level next to the blue vendor stall. The last one is on the same level at the end near the blue pool. Once you've spun on all 3 approach Hank on the beach.

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Secret Character - Shrimp Vendor

Flip the Steps

Real Men Flip Stairs

Get into Focus mode and do a 360 Double Heelflip down the steps near the car park. Land it cleanly (straight) or it won't count.

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Double Rotisserie

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Spine-Transfer into the building where the yellow 'Butter Finger' poster is. Spine again over the ramp in the roof and use the kicker to boost over to the next roof. While you're in the air pull a Rotisserie two times quickly.

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Scatter 10 Seagulls

Seagull Scatter

This one's a bit tricky and there are a number of ways to do it. My way is to grind the far wall onto the electrical wires all the way across the beach. This leads to the rocky area above the pool where more gulls are waiting. This method involves a lot of grinding if it's getting hard to control near the end jump off and use run.

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Shrimp Slap the Lifeguards

Shrimp Slap

The idea here is to throw shrimp at 5 different lifeguards, the box of shrimp is on the concrete floor next to the 'watching post' building that looks over the beach. Try not to waste the shrimp you only get 5 before needing a refill and there are 5 guards to get. The first lifeguard is patrolling the watching post balcony. The next 2 are on the concrete path undderneath, one to the left and one to the right. The last 2 lifeguards are on the beach, one is walking around and the other is trying to impress the ladies.

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Special Guest - Aborigone

Break the Handicap Signs

Handicap Havoc

There are 5 of these signs, they're tall and white with a blue handicap symbol on them. Break them by ramming into them with the kart. The first one's on the main road just down from the fountain. The next is at the other end of the road near the corner. The next is the other side of the grass banking. The fourth sign is in the car park near the 2 cars. The final sign is on the lower level near the bottom of the steps.

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Help the Skate Rats

Help Local Skate Rats

Jump up onto the crane and grind on any part of the arm.

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Go-Kart Jump

Mini Go-Kart Blast Off

Transfer over the walkway across the car park and do a 540 spin while in the air. This isn't difficult, the kart has enough speed to make the transfer easily.

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Paradise Combo

Paradise Combo

This can be a bit awkward, you have to grind the 3 large rockfaces around the paradise area. Take it slow and time your jumps well.

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Team Challenge

Australia Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Go to the brick building and grind the front of the roof using any 3 of your characters. The steps out front have sloped sides, use these to get up onto the roof. Simple enough. It's easiest to use the 3 skater characters for this, but you can use the go-kart if you really want to.

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Australia Goals - Classic Mode

Break the Street Lamps

Bust All 5 Yellow Street Lamps

Climb up the lamp pole near the half-pipe and grind it towards the yellow street lamps. If you get low on speed use an ollie to build momentum.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect The COMBO Letters

Grind the fence with the C on it, ollie over the gap and continue grinding for the O and M. At the end of the rail ollie to the right onto the fence. Follow it around for the B and onto the wall. Jump right again to grind the adjacent wall and get the final O.

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Find 5 Ramp Transfers

Find And Hit 5 G'Day Ramp Transfers

The first 2 of these gaps are right next to the fountain so start with those. Head down a short distance in the direction of the beach, there's a curved ramp with some steps intersecting it. Air over the steps for the third gap. Head across to the archway with the banner over the top, these 2 quarter-pipes at the base are the next gap. Head back up to the road, the final gap is between the red and white checkered quarter-pipes at the roadside.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

Head over to the fountain where the yellow crane is. Go to the corner and climb the fire escape ladders up to the 4th floor. You will see the tape on a ledge of the building opposite. Grind the wire onto the ledge and ollie up to the tape when you reach it.

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Collect SKATE Letters

Collect SKATE Letters

Head down to the yellow building, Spine-Transfer up the side that has the Butter Finger poster. In the roof do another Spine-Transfer on the ramp to break through the glass and collect the T. Use the kicker to ollie over to the next roof (the kicker will give you a boost). Collect the S on that roof and head up to the fountain. The A is hovering in a corner at 2nd floor height. If you're patient (or unskilled) the safest way to do this is to use the fire escape ladders to climb up there. My method is to launch up using the quarter-pipe, grind on the ledge then Sticker Slap the oncoming wall. Ride all the way down the street, the K is hovering over the quarter-pipe on the right. Ollie over the wall and across the grass, head along the right hand side of the level, when you're close to the end do a Wallride and grind the wall. You'll end up grinding the electrical wire over the beach which is where the E is.

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Smash the Flowerpots

Smash 5 Flower Pots

The first pot is on a ledge at the side of the road. Head to the fountain and turn right, go some way down and Wallride up the red brick wall for the next pot. Swerve right and approach the buildings, the first has a pot outside its front door and the next building has one around the back. Turn left slightly and carry on down the grassy banking, Wallride up the grey wall which has the last pot on it.

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