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College Goals

Welcome to the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 guide. Before starting I'd recommend editing your stats, you should probably set your Lip Balance to 0 (for now) and use the points to max your Ollie and Speed. This will make things easier on yourself and lip tricks aren't so important. Other important stats are Manual Balance and Rail Balance, increase these as and when you get the chance.

High Score

Get A High Score: 40,000 Points

The key to getting big scores in Tony Hawk games is to string tricks together in a combo. You're in a combo any time you're not just rolling normally on four wheels. You should aim to do the 40,000 points in a single combo, but if you're just starting out that might be difficult. If you're not too hot with combos you might want to read the tips page, the rest is just a matter of practice. College has a ton of stuff to grind on, plenty of quarter-pipes for vert tricks and nice open areas for flatland tricks.

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S-K-A-T-E Letters

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is just down the road on the right hand side on the school building. Grind the blue railing and ollie to get the S. Get back down to street level and carry on down the road. When you're near the corner grind the red rail outside the parking garage, use the slope of the barrier to get up onto the electrical wires and grind for the K. Back down onto the road head for the garbage truck, roll up the back of it and ollie through (hold up while you ollie). If you're lined up right you'll get the A, this might take a few tries. Turn left and head up the 3 slopes into the open area with all the college buildings. Turn left slightly and point at the building with a lot of glass windows. Launch yourself up the quarter-pipe at its base for the T. After coming down immediately turn right a bit and head for the building with the purple banner over it. Go up the quarter-pipe and grind the railing to the right. You'll go around the bend, jump when you see the E.

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C-O-M-B-O Letters

Collect COMBO Letters

You have to collect all 5 letters without breaking your combo. Grind on the rail where the C is, follow it onto the wooden fence. Hop the gap where the bridge is, grind on the opposite fence for the last O and land it. Check out Ollie's celebration :)

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Inline Skater Race

Race The Inline Skater

There's a track laid out throughout the college level, make your way around through the sets of cones laid out. Don't crash into anything or you'll fail the goal. Comically enough you can still ollie, despite being laid on your back.

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Tricks for the Kids

Nail The Tricks They Yell Out

Go back and forth between the two quarter-pipes outside the school. While in the air pull off the tricks listed on screen.

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Frat Boys

Get Back At The 5 Frat Boys

Head down the slopes, you'll see the first frat boy up on top of a quarter-pipe across the road. Launch up it and grind to the right. On your way through the building you can hit 2 more boys. Once you come out on the other side cross the road again, head back the came you came. Once you've passed the main archway do a Wallride and grind on top of the wall, stay in this grind to get the last 2 frat boys.

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Spine Transfer

Spine Transfer Over The Wall

There are 3 steps to this goal, all involving a Spine Transfer over the wall where the photographer is standing. Note that a wall needs a quarter-pipe on either side to allow spine transfers, so you have to use this segment of wall not further up where the steps are.

Step 1: Launch up the quarter-pipe and Spine-Transfer over the wall.

Step 2: Same again, but while you're in the air do a Kickflip.

Step 3: Repeat once more, but instead do an Indy this time.

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Warn the Skaters

Warn The Other Skaters

Officer Tom's on the warpath and he's gonna bust some skulls wide open, best warn the skaters. There are 4 skater guys around the college that you need to warn one at a time. The clock is a little tight but as long as you make it to the first guy you should be ok for time. Skater #1 is up in the higher part of the level where the college buildings are. Skater #2 is outside the security outpost in the corner of the level where the road ends. #3 is up in the Coliseum, the place where the jocks hang out. Grind the rails in there or you'll get knocked on your ass and lose time. The last skater is outside the parking garage. Use the arrow to guide you on this one and you won't go too far wrong. Since time is of the essence try to use grinds where you can to speed things up.

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Skitch the Stolen Car

Skitch The Professor's Car

Uh oh, some badasses have stolen the professor's car. Skitch on the back by pressing Up, then hold on for your life. Luckily after a short trip around campus the car is out of gas. Not much to say about this one, it's pretty easy just keep the blob in the middle.

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Officer Tom's Banners

Grind Down Officer Tom's Banners

Officer Tom has 7 red banners up on the walls. As you start the goal ollie and Wallride up and grind the wall on your right hand side. To do a Wallride you must approach the wall at a narrow angle or you'll just bounce off. Grind it all the way to the corner, use ollies to get over the arches. By the time you reach the corner you'll have taken out 4 banners. Drop down to street level again. Do the same thing to the wall on the other side of the corner.

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Pro Score

Get A Pro Score: 75,000 Points

This is a good opportunity to practice your combos, if you're of an ok standard you can get this in one combo. See the tips page for more info on stringing combos together.

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Pink Elephants

Stop All Of The Pink Elephants

Collect all the pink elephants. You don't have to do this in one combo, but time will run out before you've finished. From that point on you need to stay in a combo or you'll lose the goal. Grind the series of logs onto the curved wall. Spine-Transfer over the quarter-pipe in your way and grind the next string of logs along the floor. At least Ollie's happy.

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Combo Competition

Medal The High-Combo Competition

You need to place third or higher in this competition for the goal to be a success. Stay inside the little competition area for your points to count. Use vert tricks on the quarter-pipe and grind the rail in a half-circle back onto the quarter-pipe again. Repeat until you have a nice enough score.

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360 Varial McTwist

Nail A 360 Varial McTwist

The 360 Varial McTwist is a special vert trick so fill up your special meter then launch up a quarter-pipe. Be sure to get plenty of air since the trick takes a while to pull off.

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Clock 5 Jocks In One Combo

You can only knock down the jocks by grinding the rail, if you ram into them you'll come off worst. Basically you have to grind the rails back and forth, when you come to the end of a line get into a Manual and launch up the quarter-pipe. On coming down do a Revert into a Manual and grind the rails again. 2 or 3 passes back and forth will give you the win.

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Float Jumping

Gap Between Floats 10 Times

Every time you jump from one float to another that counts as a gap. When coming from the blue one you just use a normal ollie. In other cases you can either use a Spine-Transfer or hold up and ollie when you're on the ramp. Nothing too tricky about this, it might just be a little awkward if you're not adept with the controls. The safest way is to stay off the blue float and just Spine-Transfer between the other 2.

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College Pro Goals

Tony Hawk's Specific Challenge

Tony Hawk (Pro Specific Challenge)

So you're on the roof. There are 2 wooden half-pipes up here with a gap in between them. For each of the 3 steps you have to transfer from one to the other while doing certain tricks in the air. Between each step the gap will get wider and the tricks harder. Note you don't have to do these in a combo or anything, and don't worry if you fall you'll get another chance at it. Just do all the tricks before time runs out. Don't look down!

Step 1: Do these tricks while doing the gap - Nosegrab, Tailgrab and Indy

Step 2: Now do Benihana, Japan and Madonna.

Step 3: This time it's special tricks. Note that if you bail on this you'll need to fill your special meter back up before you can try again. The gap is pretty wide by this stage so put plenty of angle into your jumps. The tricks to do are Barrel Roll, Indy 900 and 360 Varial McTwist.

Step 1 Video (328Kb)
Step 2 Video (418Kb)
Step 3 Video (460Kb)

Jamie Thomas Specific Challenge

Jamie Thomas (Pro Specific Challenge)

Head into the bowl, point slightly left and do the FS 50-50 grind where the orange arrow is. Head up through the basketball court and onto the tennis court, do a 360 Flip over the net. Head out through the big gap in the fence. Follow the red arrow to the stoney bridge, Noseslide the wall on either side of it. Turn right and head down the side of the building, do a Smith grind on the low white ledge where the marker is. Head across the flat open area to the steps down, grind the rail. Hop and pull an FS Shove-It over a gap and grind the next rail. Head up to the elementary school and Nosegrind the handrail outside it. Follow the red arrow to the curved bench, do a Tailslide along it. Keep on following to the blue kiosks, ollie onto one of them and grind. As you come off the end jump and Kickflip onto the ground. Head through the archway and use the plank of wood to get up onto the stripey awning. Head left through the tunnel and Nosegrind the ledge with all the kegs on it. Head back to the upper area where the buildings are. Spine-Transfer onto the English building. Build up speed on the ramps there and transfer over to the ramp on the Fine Arts roof, while you're in the air do a Benihana. The sound is screwed up on the first half of this video.

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Bench, Stairs and Flagpole

Combo The Benches, Stairs And Flagpole

Start a grind on the curved bench and ollie to the slope down the steps. Get into a grind on the ledge around the bottom of the flagpole. Ride it around a few times and shuffle through different types of grind until you have the 50,000 points needed.

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Master Lip Gaps

Get All 4 Master's Lip Gaps

Head directly forward from the start, use the quarter-pipe to launch up and do a lip trick on the edge of the roof. As you come down do a U-turn to the right and lip trick up on the Fine Arts building. When you land turn 90 degrees right and roll down the slope. Do another lip trick up on the English building's roof. Lastly head over to the Engineering building where the purple banner is and lip trick there.

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Pro C-O-M-B-O Letters

Collect Pro COMBO Letters

There's a fair bit of grinding in this, so it helps to have your rail balance stat maxed. Wallride up onto the park wall on your left and grind along the top. Once you have the O hop right and Manual to cut across the corner. Use the quarter-pipe to get back up on the opposite wall and continue grinding. When the wall ends Manual straight across the floor to the outer wall, get up on there and grind for the last O.

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Bob's 3 Best Combos

Beat Bob's 3 Best Combos

This goal's done in 3 steps, Bob needs to see you beat his 3 lame combos of 20,000 followed by 40,000 and finally 60,000 points. It's mostly a matter of practice, but see the video for inspiration if you need it.

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Sick Score of 250,000

Get A Sick Score: 250,000 Points

Read the tips page for hints on how to score big points, it revolves around stringing long combos together. You start up on the roof for this one, it's easy enough to do it up there but you can come down if you choose.

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