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Canada Goals - Classic Mode

Collect S-K-A-T-E

Collect SKATE Letters

The S is hovering high over the upper car parking area. Use the quarter-pipe to launch up and grind left across the sign, ollie off the end to get it. Go back up the road and ollie off the kicker for the K. Use the pile of snow to get up on the shack roof and ride the platform. When you reach the gap in the handrail swerve right and ollie to get the A. Land on the railing below, grind it until you get the cutscene with the ramp coming down. Use the quarter-pipe to transfer right onto the ramp that's come down, ollie up into the half-pipe. Ride straight across it and ollie into the chute where the T is. At the top of the chute grind the left side of the rail track, ride it all the way down to the E.

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Collect C-O-M-B-O

Collect COMBO Letters

Use the pile of snow outside the shack to get up onto its roof and grind for the C. Land in a Manual, ollie onto the log and grind for the O. Ollie off near the end and grind the railing with the M, ride it down some way and hop left to the rail with the B. Jump off and Manual, launch up the half-pipe where the O is and land it safely.

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Get the Secret Tape

Get The Secret Tape

The tape is out on a little icey island in the water. Head to the edge of the map where the huge wooden roll-in is, grind the fence to the corner and jump over the edge.

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FS Boardslide the Log

FS Boardslide The Entire Log QP

To do an FS Boardslide ollie above the log and turn 90 degrees so that the log is in between your front & back wheels then grind. If you're facing the wrong way you'll get a BS Boardslide instead. Hold the grind all the way across the long log and it's all good.

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Scrape the Icy Rails

Completely Scrape The 5 Icy Rails

You can spot icy rails by the icicles dangling beneath them, to scrape them you just need to grind. The first one is the fence on your right as you start, grind it and ollie down into the pool. Launch up the right side of the pool and grind the handrail to scrape the next rail. From here head through the park, the next is the red rail on the ground. The next is only a short distance away, you'll see 3 parallel rails at a low level the one on the right is the icy one. The final icy rail is in the middle of the car park at the lower end of the slope.

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Smash Snowmen

Smash 5 Snowmen

The first snowman is next to the 3 ground rails near the big wooden roll-in. The next is over by the long log quarter-pipe. The third snowman is just across the water from the shack. The last 2 are behind the wooden fence around the car park.

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