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San Diego Goals

Chapter 11 - Prove Yourself Worthy

Big Stairs

Flip The Big Stairs

Step 1: The idea here is you roll down the slope then turn left up ahead and do a trick down the big set of steps. First trick to do is a Heelflip.

Step 2: Same again but do a Double Kickflip.

Step 3: This time make it a Double Impossible.

Step 4: Lastly do a 360 Flip down the steps to complete the goal.

Step 1 Video (243Kb)
Step 2 Video (245Kb)
Step 3 Video (235Kb)
Step 4 Video (208Kb)


Daredevil High Line

Grind along the ledge for the first 3 flower boxes then ollie and Get Off Your Board. Land yourself on the walkway and run around the corner of the building. Grind along the top ledge again for the rest of the boxes.

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The Atrium

Air Out The Atrium

Step 1: Build up speed and use the kicker to cross the gap over to the other kicker. While you're in the air you do the trick. You can use a Boneless to get extra height but if you time your jumps pretty well you don't need to do that. First trick to do is a Melon.

Step 2: Second trick is a Stiffy.

Step 3: Next a Rocket Air.

Step 4: Finally a One Foot Tailgrab.

Step 1 Video (245Kb)
Step 2 Video (245Kb)
Step 3 Video (246Kb)
Step 4 Video (250Kb)

Rooftop Tech Tricks

Rooftop Technician

So you're up on the roof before a big archway. Build up some speed and get into a Manual before you pass through the arch. When you reach the barrier, ollie and do a Pop Shove-It over it. Land in another Manual and ride it until you reach the next archway. You'll see that both arches have a pair of cones at the sides to mark the exact position.

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Horse Spines

See A Man About A Horse

All you have to do here is Spine Transfer over the horse and do the tricks that get listed on the screen. You can spine over the horse from either side, use sharp turns to head back towards it so you don't waste too much time. The spine will give you enough air to do 2 tricks at a time if you're quick about it.

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Chapter 12 - Party! Party! Party!

Party Posters

Let's Get This Party Started

There are 5 green rectangles on various walls around the place, do a Wallplant on each of them to set up a poster. These aren't hard to find, the first 4 are basically in a straight line. Head to the very start of the level where the circular fountain is, the first is on the wall here. Head down towards the road, just after the steps you'll see another on your right. Take the road a short way and you'll see the next spot on a building wall on your left hand side. Head a little further along the road and you'll see the next in the archway. After the arch take a left and follow the road around to the right side of the theater. You'll see the last poster spot on the surrounding wall.

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Band's Instruments

No Band, No Party... Bummer!

Chiggedy-check this, the band have lost their instruments! There'll be no party without them, better scour the level and pick them up. Head straight ahead and grind the wall on your right until you collect the red guitar. Take the road left, when you come to the crossing take a left again. Use the quarter-pipe to transfer right up onto the higher area and collect the microphone as you do it. Head out of the little area and take the road left, follow it around and make another left up towards the museum. The drumsticks are on a flowerbed across from the museum. The bass guitar is on the museum itself, Get Off Your Board then jump and grab onto the lower roof. All the instruments have flashy green fist icons over them so they're not exactly hard to spot.

Watch Video (1.73MB)

Get Some Girls

No One Likes A Dude Festival

There's not enough girls at the party, the only logical conclusion is to drive around in a gardening kart and pick some up. Uh-oh, looks like these girls aren't impressed! Some people eh?? Better show off some skating moves.

Step 1: The first girl's over by the museum, just follow the red arrow to her. She wants a 10,000 point combo. Use the quarter-pipes nearby for vert tricks. If you struggle with this you need more practice.

Step 2: The next girl wants to see some flatland tricks. This means you must get into a Manual before you can do them. If you haven't used these before, get into the habit. They're a very useful way of building up your score when you're in a combo. Note: you can also use these kinds of modifiers when you're in a grind.

Step 3: Last girly wants to see a 40,000 combo. No problem right? There's a long ledge along the ground there you can grind on, a quarter-pipe. Try using some of those flatland tricks too. When you're done, drive the kart back to the party.

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Two Towers

Acid Drop The Two Towers

You start out on the ledge underneath the two towers, climb the ladder in front of you to get up there. Run across to the furthest tower, jump off the edge facing the road and do an Acid Drop onto the quarter-pipe below. Using your speed from doing this, swerve around to the left and use the quarter-pipe to get back up onto the ledge. Climb the ladder again and Acid Drop from the nearest tower to complete the goal.

Watch Video (694Kb)


All We Need Is A System And Some Rims

Woohoo more driving! Get your kart around the race track as fast as you can. Use the red arrow for directions, you have to pass in between the sets of barrels. Not too hard and reasonably fun. Use the handbrake for easier turning.

Watch Video (2.11MB)

Chapter 13 - Demo Time

Kart Skitching

Get Your Gear Back From The Fuzz

Skitch on the back of the security kart and hold on for dear life! Not only do you have to keep the skitch going there are also security guards on the streets ready to give you a hard time. They will either be on the left or the right, you need to use the shoulder buttons to skitch on the other side of the kart. You don't have to do it all in one skitch (that would be real hard), if you let go of the kart it will drive on but slowly enough for you to catch up.

These are the sides you need to Skitch on to avoid the guards: Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. Then you do another lap.

Watch Video (2.74MB)

Round Up Team Members

Round Up The Posse For The Demo

The members of the team are hungover and worse still, missing. Firstly head along the road to the left side of the theater, there's a guy here hiding out in the bushes. Head back and launch up to the two towers, take the ladder up and find the next guy there. When you come down make a left turn and head past the garden, high up on the white building you'll see another guy. Use the quarter-pipe to launch up, Get Off Your Board in mid-air and grab on to the ledge. Pull yourself up and get him. Follow the road around to the other side of the garden and make a left. Go into the Atrium building, the next guy is at ground level on the right hand side of the curved wall. Head back out and towards the start of the level. You'll see the last team member above a quarter-pipe next to the big glass window.

Watch Video (2.25MB)

Impress the Kid

3 Is No Crowd, Find More Kids

Talk to the kid, he wants to see a 15,000 point combo. Use the quarter-pipe under the horse and the one across the road to easily get that kind of score.

Watch Video (342Kb)

Get the Stickers

The Kids Love Those Free Stickers

This one's cool. There are 20 stickers on a line that's been put together nicely, collect them all. Ride straight ahead and grind the railing, quickly jump right. Grind each bench in the shaded area, the end of each bench has a bend in it that guides you onto the next so you don't have to use any direction. Carry on and grind the wall near the museum, ollie the gap onto the next wall and keep grinding. Grind your way around most of the fountain and hop to the left. Follow the line of stickers and launch up the quarter-pipe for the last one.

Watch Video (965Kb)

Demo Time

Tear It Up At The Demo

Step 1: The kids want to see some grinding, go back and forth using the kickers to get up onto the rail and do the grinds listed. It's easiest not to use any left or right direction for this, just go straight. All the grinds are basic apart from the Nosebluntslide.

Step 2: It's a slow news day and The Daily Clueless are in a real pickle. Score a 45,000 point combo for them. This isn't too hard the park area you're in is like a dream for combos. As always I recommend putting a special trick in there like a McTwist before you run out of speed. Also use flatland tricks towards the end to give your score a real shot in the arm.

Step 3: Fill up your special meter by doing ordinary tricks. Launch up the quarter-pipe and do a Russian Boneless up on the stage lights (looks like a piece of horizontal scaffolding). Pat yourself on the back, the demo went well!

Step 1 Video (2.40MB)
Step 2 Video (847Kb)
Step 3 Video (443Kb)

Pro Goal - Paul Rodriguez

540 Flip

Nail A 540 Flip

Fill up your special meter then ollie off the end of the balcony. While you're in the air do the 540 Flip then Acid Drop into the quarter-pipe on the other side of the horse.

Watch Video (405Kb)

Secret Tape

Secret Tape in San Diego

Secret Tape

The tape is at the back of the level high up in the theatre area. Get up onto the roof on the left hand side using the quarter-pipe at the base of the wall. Follow the walkway towards the middle of the building, use the quarter-pipe to launch up and get the tape.

Watch Video (457Kb)

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